Seamless Business Transformation with H-Office's Integrated ERP Systems

At H-Office, we redefine business management with our cutting-edge ERP solutions. Discover how we empower organizations with streamlined operations, data-driven decisions, and integrated processes. Take your business to new heights with H-Office ERP.
Multi Company
Streamline Diverse Entities

Group of Companies Management

H-Office’s Group of Companies Management module provides a unified platform to efficiently govern multiple entities under a common umbrella. Whether you’re overseeing subsidiaries or a conglomerate of companies, this module simplifies complex operations, allowing you to harness the synergy of your group’s potential.

  • Group Company Wise Employee Management
  • Group Company Wise Product Management
  • Group Company Wise Transactions & Reports Management
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for All Group Companies
  • Seamless Integration Across Entities
  • Best suited for companies where common employees work in more than one company within the same group.
The Power of Multi-Location Control

Multiple Branches / Warehouse Management

Efficiently manage your organization’s multiple branches and warehouses with H-Office’s Multiple Branches / Warehouse Management module. Whether you have a network of branches or several warehouses, this module provides you with the tools to streamline your operations and enhance productivity. Gain better control over inventory, stock transfers, contact management, and in-depth analytics for each branch or warehouse.
  • Branch Wise Inventory Management
  • Inter Branch Stock Transfer Management
  • Branch Wise Contact Management
  • Branch Wise Analytics
Multi Branch & Warehouse
Multi Currency & Multi Time Zone
Streamline Your Global Operations

Multiple Currencies & Multiple Time Zone Management

Manage your business seamlessly across borders and time zones with H-Office’s Multiple Currencies & Multiple Time Zone Management module. This powerful add-on ensures that your operations run smoothly, whether you’re dealing with multiple currencies or coordinating activities in different time zones.
  • Contact level Currency & Timezone Mapping
  • Employee Level Timezone Mapping
  • Transaction time conversion rate editing
  • Currency wise transaction tracking
Automate Your Task Sequence

Task Workflow Automation

Task Workflow Automation is a dynamic module that enhances your task management process by simplifying complex workflows, ensuring efficient task allocation, and improving resource management. With a range of features designed to optimize task handling, this add-on makes task management a breeze. Simplify your task workflow, save time, and ensure that tasks are efficiently managed with Task Workflow Automation.
  • Multiple Task Trigger on Single Click
  • Task-level Weightage Management
  • Department & Designation Level Configuration
  • Set Precedence for all Multiple Tasks
  • Set Task-wise Estimated “Time to Complete” for Comparison with Actual Timesheet
  • Single Click Task Transfer to Another Manpower Resource if Task Assignee is Absent at Any Time
Task Workflow Automation
Streamline, Organize, and Analyze Your Events

Event Management

The Event Management module within H-Office empowers you to effortlessly plan, execute, and assess your events with precision and ease. From declaring event details to analyzing profitability, this module is designed to help you orchestrate events of all sizes efficiently. Here are some key features:
  • Event Details Management
  • Participation and Registration Management
  • Participant Tracking
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Speakers Management
  • Reservation & Seating Management
  • Confirmation Notifications
  • Eligibility Rules
  • Staff and Committee Coordination
  • Budget Tracking
Booking Events Made Easy

Event Booking Portal

Our Event Booking Portal Add-On Module is designed to seamlessly integrate with your CRM/ERP solution, providing a robust and user-friendly platform for efficient event management. Catering to the diverse needs of the event management organization, this add-on ensures a streamlined process for both registered and non-registered members. The portal’s intuitive interface allows for easy event booking, while its dynamic pricing feature adapts to the membership status, displaying accurate pricing for both members and non-members. Experience a new level of precision and convenience in your event planning with our Event Booking Portal Add-On Module.
  • Intuitive Booking Website
  • Comprehensive Multiple Events Listing
  • Detailed Event Information
  • Dynamic Membership-sensitive Pricing
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • Real-Time Slot Management
Event Booking Portal
Stay on Track with Project Tasks

Project Management

H-Office’s Project Management module offers a comprehensive solution for efficient project execution. Whether you’re dealing with milestones, to-do lists, or tasks, this module has you covered. With customer and third-party logins, real-time progress tracking, task integration, and resource management, your projects are in safe hands. Keep a sharp eye on project deadlines and receive timely alerts to ensure successful project delivery. Additionally, manage project-related documents effortlessly for a seamless project management experience.
  • Milestones, To-Do List & Tasks
  • Customer & Third Party Login
  • Real-Time Progress Tracking
  • Task Integration with Project
  • Project Calendar & Resource Management
  • Project Deadline & Alerts
  • Successful Project Completion
  • Project-Wise Document Management
Track project level time investments

Project Timesheet Portal

Elevate your project tracking with the “Project Timesheet Portal” add-on in H-Office. This portal empowers users to efficiently record and manage project-related time entries, ensuring precision and accountability in time tracking. The portal seamlessly integrates into your existing system, providing a user-friendly interface for enhanced usability. Say goodbye to manual timekeeping errors and welcome a new era of accuracy in project time management. Experience the ease of streamlined processes, as the Project Timesheet Portal ensures every minute counts towards your project’s success.
  • Project-wise Time Tracking
  • Attendance Report
  • Punch In / Out
  • Break In / Out
  • Mobile -Friendly
Project Timesheet Portal
Bookings & Rentals
Simplify reservations for your resources

Bookings & Rentals Portal

Unlock a new level of efficiency with our “Bookings & Rentals Portal” add-on for H-Office. This feature-rich add-on empowers businesses to seamlessly manage reservations, bookings, and rental processes. From scheduling to resource allocation and real-time availability tracking, this add-on is designed to enhance operational control and streamline your booking management workflows.
  • Scheduling
  • Resource Allocation
  • Availability Tracking
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Customizable Booking Forms
  • Automated Reminders
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Reservation History
  • Resource Maintenance Log
  • Waitlist Management
Email Harmony with H-Office's "Unified Inbox" Module

Incoming Emails & Shared Inbox

Experience a new level of efficiency in communication with our “Incoming Emails & Shared Inbox” add-on for H-Office. This module seamlessly integrates and organizes incoming emails, providing a centralized hub for enhanced workflow and communication management. Link incoming emails with tasks, support requests, or leads effortlessly, ensuring that all essential correspondence is easily accessible and well-organized.
  • Centralized Communication
  • Integration with H-Office Transactions
  • Automatic Mapping of Important Emails
  • Accessibility Across Multiple Modules
  • Task, Support Request, and Lead Linking
Shared Inbox
Student Batch Management
Navigating Academic Success Through Cohesive Batch Administration

Student Batch Management

Introducing the Student Batch Management Add-On for H-Office, a comprehensive solution designed to elevate academic administration by streamlining the management and coordination of student batches. This powerful extension empowers educational institutions to efficiently handle class scheduling, monitor attendance, and manage grades with ease. Elevate your administrative processes and foster a more organised and productive academic environment with the Student Batch Management Add-On.
  • Class scheduling
  • Attendance tracking
  • Grade management
  • Batch enrollment management
  • Timetable creation and optimization
  • Student performance analytics
Effortless Excellence in the World of Publications

Publications Management

Introducing the Publications Add-On for H-Office, tailored specifically for book publication companies seeking enhanced operational efficiency. This add-on provides robust features for customer relationship management (CRM), sales tracking, and royalty management, offering a seamless solution for the intricate needs of the publishing industry. Elevate your publishing operations and optimise workflow with the comprehensive tools offered by the Publications Add-On.
  • Author management
  • Document version control
  • Editorial workflow management
  • Pre-order and subscription management
  • Multi Format Management of Books
  • Royalty Management
Efficient Talent Acquisition for Tomorrow's Success


Introducing the Recruitment Add-On for H-Office, a dedicated solution designed to streamline and enhance hiring processes. This add-on focuses on applicant tracking, resume management, and interview scheduling, providing a comprehensive set of tools to optimize recruitment operations. Elevate your hiring efficiency and make informed decisions with the advanced features offered by the Recruitment Add-On.
  • Applicant tracking
  • Resume management
  • Interview scheduling
  • Candidate database management
  • Job posting and distribution
  • Collaborative hiring workflows
  • Automated communication with applicants
  • Analytics and reporting for recruitment metrics
Efficient Talent Acquisition for Tomorrow's Success

Marketing Automation

Embark on a new era of efficient communication with the Marketing Automation Add-On from H-Office. Elevate your marketing strategies by automating emails and WhatsApp messages for leads, contacts, and prospects at predefined frequencies. This powerful add-on is designed to streamline communication workflows within the system, ensuring that your outreach is timely, targeted, and personalized. Explore the possibilities of enhanced engagement and improved conversion rates as you harness the full potential of Marketing Automation within H-Office.
  • Automated email campaigns
  • WhatsApp message automation
  • Targeted lead nurturing
  • Customizable frequency settings
  • Personalized content delivery based on user preferences
  • Dynamic content customization for tailored messaging
Marketing Automation
ShopSync E-Commerce
h-Office's DIY E-commerce Platform

ShopSync E-Commerce

Unleash the full potential of your DIY e-commerce journey with the ShopSync from H-Office. This robust addition transforms your online store management into a seamless and efficient process. From crafting compelling product listings to effortlessly managing orders and tracking customer interactions, ShopSync E-Commerce is your go-to solution for achieving e-commerce success on your terms. Elevate your DIY venture, boost sales, and provide an unparalleled shopping experience with this all-in-one e-commerce tool.
  • Automated email campaigns
  • WhatsApp message automation
  • Targeted lead nurturing
  • Customizable frequency settings
  • Personalized content delivery based on user preferences
  • Dynamic content customization for tailored messaging
Your Lead Management On-The-Go

Lead Management Mobile App (Android)

Our Lead Management Mobile App for Android is designed to empower your sales team with the tools they need to effectively manage leads and opportunities from anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re in the office, on the road, or visiting a client, this app ensures you stay connected and organized. It seamlessly integrates with H-Office CRM to provide a comprehensive solution for lead tracking and conversion.
  • Real-time Lead Updates
  • Lead Assignment
  • Contact Integration
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Email Integration
  • Offline Access
  • Location Services
  • Follow-Up Reminders
  • Notes & Attachments
  • Push Notifications
  • Multi-Device Sync
Lead Mobile App
AMC Contracts
Streamline Your Service Contracts with Ease

Service Contract Management

Our Service Contract Management module is designed to empower your business with efficient contract management capabilities. Whether you deal with annual service agreements, monthly subscriptions, or customized contracts, this module is your key to ensuring smooth, hassle-free operations. With a wide range of features, you can customize contract designs, track contract due dates, manage terms and conditions, map support requests to contracts, and stay on top of follow-ups.
  • Customized Contract Designing
  • Contract Due Calendar & Alerts
  • Multiple T&C Management
  • Support Request Mapping with Contract
  • Follow-up Management
Portal for your clients to raise & track tickets

Support Portal

Experience a new standard in client support with H-Office’s innovative “Support Portal” Add-On. Tailored exclusively for companies utilizing H-Office, this module empowers businesses to offer a user-friendly platform for clients to generate and track complaints or support requests. Streamline your customer service workflow, providing a centralized hub for efficient complaint management.
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Online Ticket Generation
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Integrated Communication
  • Document Attachment
  • Access Control
Support Portal
Inventory handling with Support Management
Efficiently Manage Repair and Replacement Product Inventory

Inventory Handling With Support Management

Elevate your inventory management capabilities with H-Office’s innovative “Inventory Handling with Support Management” Add-On. Specifically designed for businesses handling repair and replacement products, this module seamlessly integrates inventory control with support management. Effectively manage stock levels, streamline support processes, and ensure efficient handling of repair and replacement products.
  • Repair Product Tracking
  • Replacement Product Management
  • Real-time Stock Updates
  • Support Ticket Integration
  • Comprehensive Reporting
Elevate Your Retail Experience

Point of Sale (POS)

In today’s fast-paced retail landscape, efficiency is key, and H-Office’s innovative “POS” add-on is here to transform your business operations. Seamlessly integrated into our comprehensive suite, this Point of Sale system goes beyond just quick billing, offering a range of features designed to streamline your retail experience. From lightning-fast sales processing to meticulous inventory management and real-time transaction tracking, our POS add-on is the catalyst for a seamless and successful retail journey. Discover the power of optimized operations and take your business to new heights with H-Office’s cutting-edge POS solution.
  • Quick and Efficient Billing
  • Seamless Sales Processing
  • Real-time Transaction Tracking
  • Enhanced Retail Operations
Easy & Quick Order Booking and Processing


Introducing the OrderExpress Suite, a powerful add-on duo within H-Office that revolutionizes order and inventory management for businesses of all sizes. Seamlessly integrating the robust features of OrderExpress Basic and Advance, this suite caters to a spectrum of needs, from swift order placement and tracking to intricate inventory control and multi-branch/multi-warehouse order fulfillment. Experience the ultimate solution that combines customer/dealer order management with advanced inventory capabilities, making it the perfect choice for businesses with complex inventory structures and multi-location requirements. Elevate your operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize your business processes with the comprehensive features offered by the OrderExpress Suite.
  • Mobile Friendly Online Order Placement & Tracking
  • Mobile Friendly Backend Portal for Swift Order Management
  • Multi-branch and Multi-warehouse Order Placement
  • Advanced Payment Order Fulfillment Options
  • Customizable Order Workflows
Manage Expenses Efficiently

Expense Voucher Workflow

Our cutting-edge Expense Voucher Workflow add-on revolutionizes the way you handle expenses by automating the entire workflow process. With a user-friendly interface and robust functionalities, this add-on streamlines the creation, approval, and tracking of expense vouchers, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes and welcome a more structured and organized approach to expense management. Take control of your financial transactions with ease, making H-Office the ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their operations.
  • Voucher Creation
  • Seamless Approval Process
  • Real-time Expense Tracking
  • Expense Settlements & Reporting
Expense Voucher Workflow
Multi Invoice
Say 'No' to manual work and save hours

Multi Invoice & Auto Invoice

Unlock unparalleled efficiency in your billing operations with H-Office’s revolutionary “Multi Invoice & Auto Invoice” add-on. Our cutting-edge solution takes invoicing to the next level, offering a seamless experience for businesses seeking to optimize their financial processes. Streamline your operations, save valuable time, and enhance accuracy with the power of bulk invoicing and automated billing. Say goodbye to manual invoicing hassles and embrace a smarter, more efficient way to manage your financial transactions.
  • Generate Recurring Invoices With Ease
  • Generate Hundreds of Invoices From One Template Within No Time
  • Enable Auto-emailing
  • Apply Filtration Based on Various Parameters
Streamlined Barcode Management for Seamless Invoicing

Barcode Generator & Reader

Transform your business operations with H-Office’s powerful “Barcode Generator & Reader” Add-On. This module offers a comprehensive solution for barcode management, allowing you to generate unique barcodes for each item and seamlessly integrate them into your invoicing process. Enjoy the convenience of barcode printing options and effortless barcode reading while creating invoices, providing an efficient and error-free way to manage your inventory and pricing.
  • Unique Barcode Generation
  • Price Mapping
  • Barcode Printing
  • Barcode Reading in Invoices
  • Customizable Barcode Formats
  • Real-time Inventory Updates
Barcode Generator & Reader
Attribute Management
Attribute Management Excellence for Effortless Product Processes

Attribute Management

Dive into the extraordinary capabilities of our “Attribute Management” add-on, a powerful tool within H-Office that transforms the way you handle your extensive inventory. Imagine managing 1000 products effortlessly – each with unique attributes like color, size, and more. With Attribute Management, every step of your product-related processes, from product selection to invoicing, becomes a breeze. Whether you’re creating quotes, updating inventory, or simplifying the customer interaction process, this innovative add-on ensures efficiency at every turn. Say goodbye to time-consuming searches and manual calculations – Attribute Management is your key to a seamless, automated, and hassle-free product management experience.
  • Dynamic Attribute-Based Product Filtering
  • Automated Quotation Generation with Attribute Selection
  • Instant Pricing Calculation for Selected Attributes
  • Effortless Inventory Updates and Management
  • Accelerated Attribute-Based Search Functionality
  • Simplified Customer Interaction through Precise Product Selection
Attribute Management Excellence for Effortless Product Processes

Custom BOQ & Stock JV

upraise your stock management efficiency with H-Office’s innovative “Custom BOQ & Stock JV” Add-On. This module is designed to streamline the intricacies of stock handling, particularly during the manufacturing process. It enables meticulous tracking of raw material usage, ensuring precise details are recorded for every finished product. The flexibility of customization allows businesses to adapt the system to their specific manufacturing needs.
  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ) Customization
  • Detailed Stock Journal Vouchers (Stock JV)
  • Multiple Raw Material Utilization
  • Customizable Materials & Quantities
  • Real-time Stock Updates
  • Cost Tracking
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Audit Trail
Custom BOQ & Stock JV
Material Requirement Planning
Maximize Productivity through Strategic Material Oversight

Material Requirement Planning

In today’s dynamic business landscape, efficient inventory management is the key to operational success. H-Office introduces a game-changing solution with its “Material Requirement Planning” add-on, designed to revolutionize the way you handle materials for production and projects. This powerful tool is crafted to enhance precision, streamline planning, and ensure seamless procurement, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency. Dive into a new era of resource optimization with H-Office’s Material Requirement Planning add-on, where every element of your inventory is meticulously managed for peak performance.
  • Accurate Material Planning
  • Real-time Tracking Capabilities
  • Seamless Procurement Processes
  • Enhanced Production Scheduling
  • Inventory Cost Optimization
Pinpointed Accuracy and Streamlined Numerical Excellence

Formula Engine

Unleash the power of precise calculations with H-Office’s cutting-edge “Formula Engine” add-on. Designed to streamline mathematical formulas, this feature empowers users to create and manage complex equations effortlessly, ensuring accurate cost estimation, inventory unit conversion, and other crucial numerical operations within the ERP system. Boost your business’s operational efficiency and elevate accuracy with H-Office’s Formula Engine, revolutionizing the way you handle numerical data in your ERP ecosystem.
  • Intuitive Formula Creation Interface
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Modules
  • Real-time Calculation Capabilities
  • Error-Free Cost Estimations
  • Scalable Numerical Operations
Formula Engine
Work Order Management
Revolutionize Your Operations with Enhanced Work Order Precision

Work Order Management

In the dynamic landscape of business operations, staying ahead requires a seamless integration of technology to optimize productivity. Welcome to H-Office, where we redefine efficiency with our cutting-edge “Work Order Management” add-on. This powerful addition empowers your organization to effortlessly navigate through production work orders while efficiently managing and tracking stocks. Dive into a world where precision meets productivity, and take control of your business processes like never before.
  • Intuitive Formula Creation Interface
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Modules
  • Real-time Calculation Capabilities
  • Error-Free Cost Estimations
  • Scalable Numerical Operations
Handle Diverse Product Units and Conversions

Advance Multi Unit Inventory Management

Maximize your inventory management capabilities with H-Office’s cutting-edge “Advanced Multi-Unit Inventory Management” Add-On. This module is tailored to efficiently handle inventory across multiple units for a diverse range of products. It encompasses unit conversions seamlessly during purchasing, manufacturing, assembling, and disassembling processes, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses with varied product units.
  • Flexible Multi-Unit Support
  • Dynamic Unit Conversions
  • Product-Specific Multi Units Configurations
  • Historical Unit Data Tracking
  • Customizable Unit Labels
Advance Multi Unit Inventory Management
Bin Management
Revolutionize Your Warehouse Efficiency with Bin Management

Bin Management

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient warehouse management is crucial for success. H-Office introduces its revolutionary “Bin Management” add-on, designed to elevate your inventory control processes to new heights. This cutting-edge solution is crafted to provide a seamless blend of organization, tracking, and management of items within designated bins or locations, ensuring that your warehouse operates at peak efficiency. Say goodbye to the challenges of scattered inventory and welcome a streamlined approach that optimizes your storage space and enhances overall productivity. Explore the key features below to discover how the “Bin Management” add-on can transform your warehouse management experience.
  • Organized Bin Assignment
  • Bin Capacity Optimization
  • Dynamic Bin Configuration
  • Order Picking Optimization
  • Customizable Bin Labels
  • Bulk Transfer Functionality
Optimize Inventory, Automate Journal Entries, and Enhance Packet Selection


In today’s dynamic business landscape, effective packaging is crucial for operational efficiency. H-Office ERP’s dedicated “Packaging” module is designed to transform your packaging operations. This module is not just about product presentation; it’s a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage packaging inventory, automates journal entries seamlessly, and intelligently selects packets based on product attributes.
  • Packaging Inventory Management
  • Automated Journal Entry Creation
  • Intelligent Packet Selection
  • Dynamic Packet Attributes
  • Packaging Material Tracking
  • Packet Labeling and Printing
Quality Control
Ensuring Unmatched Product Quality through Advanced Quality Control Features

Quality Control

At H-Office, we understand the critical role quality control plays in maintaining product excellence. Introducing our revolutionary “QC” (Quality Control) add-on, designed to elevate your inventory management system to unprecedented heights. This dynamic addition empowers businesses to uphold the highest standards through meticulous inspection scheduling, comprehensive quality checks, and streamlined compliance tracking. Dive into a new era of seamless quality control with H-Office’s “QC” add-on and unlock a world of efficiency, accuracy, and unparalleled product excellence.
  • Inspection Scheduling
  • Quality Checks
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Precision Reporting
Simplify Your Export Processes and Ensure Compliance Seamlessly

Export Documentation

In today’s dynamic global marketplace, navigating the complexities of international trade demands precision and efficiency. That’s where H-Office’s cutting-edge “Export Documentation” add-on comes into play, revolutionizing the way businesses manage and streamline their export-related paperwork. This powerful extension is designed to empower enterprises in generating and managing export documentation effortlessly, ensuring not only compliance with international trade regulations but also optimizing overall efficiency. Dive into the future of seamless global trade with H-Office’s Export Documentation Add-On and experience a transformative approach to managing your export processes.
  • Automated Document Generation
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Export Record Management
  • Audit Trail for Documentation
Export Documentation
Cost Management
Stock Journal Vouchers for Precision in Production Operations

Production Stock JV

In the dynamic realm of production, maintaining seamless control over stock movements is paramount for optimizing efficiency and accuracy. Welcome to H-Office, where our innovative “Production Stock JV” add-on transforms the way you manage your production processes. This powerful tool empowers users to effortlessly create Stock Journal Vouchers, ensuring meticulous tracking of stock movements. Elevate your inventory control game with the precision and efficiency offered by H-Office’s Production Stock JV add-on. Explore the features below to discover how this add-on can revolutionize your production workflow..
  • Stock Journal Voucher Creation
  • Comprehensive Stock Movement Tracking
  • Streamlined Production Operations
  • Meticulous Accuracy in Stock Management
Efficiently Manage Purchase Requests and Ensure Vendor Approval Compliance

Purchase Indent & Vendor Approval Workflow

In the realm of procurement, H-Office ERP introduces a game-changing module — “Purchase Indent & Vendor Approval Workflow.” This innovative solution is tailored to seamlessly manage purchase requests and enforce a structured vendor approval workflow. Elevate your procurement processes by ensuring compliance, transparency, and efficiency throughout the entire purchase lifecycle.
  • Material Requisition Management
  • Purchase Indent Management
  • Request Quotes from vendors
  • vendor Quotes Comparisons
  • Vendor Performance Analysis
  • New Vendor On-boarding
  • Vendor Approval Workflow
Cost Management
Manage Order Contracts & Agreements

Sales / Purchase Contracts

In the dynamic landscape of business operations, effective contract management is a cornerstone for success. Introducing the “Sales / Purchase Contracts” add-on in H-Office—an invaluable extension that streamlines the complexities of contract creation, tracking, and management within your ERP system. Elevate your business processes by incorporating this powerful tool, designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in contract administration. Discover a world of seamless operations and heightened productivity with the H-Office “Sales / Purchase Contracts” add-on.
  • Contract Creation and Generation
  • PReal-time Contract Tracking
  • Centralized Contract Repository
  • Customizable Contract Templates
  • Automated Reminders and Notifications
  • Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities
Seamlessly Link H-Office with Your Tally Software

Tally Integration

Our Tally Integration module is designed to enhance the efficiency of your financial processes. It enables a seamless connection from H-Office to Tally, streamlining data posting and minimizing manual efforts. This integration not only allows you to post invoices, manage credit and debit notes, and handle journal vouchers but also synchronizes party master, product master, and inventory data from H-Office to Tally. With the ability to choose from two integration options – one with inventory posting and another without – you can tailor this solution to meet your specific business needs for a more streamlined and efficient financial management experience.

Note: There are two types of Tally integrations available – one with inventory posting and another without inventory posting. Choose the one that best suits your business needs for a more streamlined and efficient financial management experience.

Tally Integration
Client Portal
Organized Mass Mailing Solutions

Client Portal

Generate professional-looking labels and envelopes effortlessly, saving time and ensuring a consistent and polished representation of your brand. Whether you need to print labels for contacts or envelopes for mailing, our feature offers a range of customization options to meet your specific needs. Simplify your printing process and enhance your business communication with H-Office.
  • Bulk Printing
  • Customization Options
  • Search and Selection
  • Professional Presentation
  • Branding Consistency
  • Efficient Mailing
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Customization Options
Custom Bill of Material
Customizing BOM for Precision

Custom BOM (Bill of Material)

Custom Bill of Material (BOM) is a powerful tool designed to enhance your production and inventory management. It allows you to create, customize, and optimize your BOMs to ensure efficient production processes. With a range of features, it simplifies category-wise product selection, provides product-specific pricing and profit margins, and enables you to plan production requisitions effectively. Take control of your production workflow with Custom BOM.
  • Category-wise Product Selection
  • Product-wise Price
  • Product-wise Profit Margin
  • Product-wise Availability
  • Exchange Product Against Unavailability
  • Production Requisition Planning
Tailored Data Forms with Custom Fields

SMS & Email Currency

Customize your data forms experience using H-Office’s Custom Fields & Custom Field Groups feature. Empower your organization with the flexibility to capture and categorize information according to your unique needs. Whether it’s contacts, products, documents, or tasks, our Custom Fields feature allows you to create, configure, and manage data fields that align perfectly with your business processes.
  • Contact Fields
  • Products Fields
  • Document Fields
  • Task Fields
  • Custom Field Groups
  • Field Properties Configuration
  • Tailored Data Capture
  • Streamlined Data Entry
  • Custom Field Wise Reporting
SMS & Email Currency
Revolutionize Communication and Productivity

IVRS & Cloud Telephony

Transform your CRM/ERP experience with our cutting-edge IVRS & Cloud Telephonic Add-on Module. Seamlessly integrating into your existing system, this module is designed to elevate communication efficiency to unprecedented heights. Say goodbye to missed calls and hello to enhanced customer interactions, as the IVRS functionality intelligently directs callers to the right department or contact, ensuring a streamlined and professional experience. The Cloud Telephonic feature empowers your team to make and receive calls from anywhere, fostering flexibility and productivity. With robust features like call recording, call routing, and real-time analytics, our IVRS & Cloud Telephonic Add-on Module is a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimize their CRM/ERP solutions. Stay connected, boost productivity, and exceed customer expectations with this indispensable tool at the forefront of modern communication technology.
  • Intelligent Call Direction
  • Cloud Telephonic Flexibility
  • Call Recording
  • Call Routing
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Seamless Integration
  • Enhanced Customer Interactions
Insightful Intelligence

Biometric Integration

Unlock a wealth of insights with H-Office’s Daily Analysis feature. Gain a deep understanding of your business operations by harnessing the power of data-driven analysis. This feature empowers you to track your progress, identify trends, and make informed decisions, all on a daily basis and generate various activity reports.. Whether you’re interested in numeric overviews or detailed breakdowns, H-Office’s Daily Analysis & reporting section offers you the tools to stay on top of your business’s performance.
  • Auto Reporting Via Email
  • Numeric & Detail Analysis
  • Individual & Company Wise Data Selection
  • Dynamic Date Range
  • Contact Wise Auto Daily Reporting
  • Various Activity Reports
Biometric Integration
Membership & Subscriptions
Membership Control Made Easy

Membership & Subscription Management

Simplify membership and subscription management with H-Office’s Membership & Subscription Management module. This feature offers a comprehensive solution for defining, renewing, and tracking various types of memberships and subscriptions. Whether you need to manage online or offline registrations, track event participation, or handle financial aspects like multiple ledgers and imprest accounts, this module has you covered.H-Office’s Membership & Subscription Management module provides a user-friendly and comprehensive solution to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Define types of Membership
  • Define Subscriptions for Memberships
  • Renew Membership
  • Online & Offline Registration
  • Event-wise Participation (Price List)
  • Label, Envelope, and Mail Merge
  • Multiple Ledger & Imprest Account Management
Customize H-Office to Suit Your Business Needs

Web Space

Tailor H-Office to fit your business requirements seamlessly with the Setup and Configuration section. This feature empowers you to fine-tune every aspect of the system, from ticket management to email campaigns and beyond. Simplify your operations, optimize workflows, and ensure that H-Office works hand in hand with your business processes.
  • Company Settings
  • Backup Settings
  • Email & SMS Configuration
  • Product or Services Configuration
  • Utilities Configuration
  • Miscellaneous Settings
Web Space
Boost Email Productivity

Incoming Emails

Managing your incoming emails has never been easier. With our “Incoming Emails” module, you can seamlessly integrate and organize your email correspondence with various H-Office transactions and contacts. This efficient feature ensures that all your important emails are automatically mapped and easily accessible, making communication a breeze.
  • Common organizational inbox
  • Map Incoming Email with Transactions like Lead, Task, and Support Request
  • Automatic Email Mapping for Contacts, Leads, Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices, Payments, and Receipts
Incoming Emails
Task Workflow Automation
Effortless Streamlining of Tasks and Processes

Workflow Automation

Reimagine efficiency through our groundbreaking Workflow Automation capability. Seamlessly orchestrate intricate processes and task sequences with H-Office’s intuitive automation solution. From task inception to culmination, witness streamlined operations and enhanced collaboration. This transformative tool eliminates the need for manual intervention, empowering your team to focus on value-driven tasks. With Workflow Automation, elevate your workflow management to new heights, boosting productivity and optimizing resource allocation across your organization.
  • Automated Workflow Creation
  • Dynamic Subtask Management
  • Due Date Assignments
  • Assignee Designations
  • Weightage Allocation
  • Customizable Autotask Settings
Service Agreements Made Simple

Service Contract Management

H-Office’s Service Contract Management feature simplifies the management of service contracts, helping you ensure a seamless experience for your customers. Whether you need to create, track, or maintain service contracts, this tool streamlines the entire process. From selecting the company and customer to defining contract types and dates, it covers it all. Easily manage associated contacts, track service locations, and include parts with ease. You can even define terms and conditions and add special remarks for each contract. With H-Office’s Service Contract Management, you’ll have the tools you need to deliver exceptional service and maintain organized contract records.
  • Contract Types
  • Contract Period Management
  • Service Locations Mapping
  • Products, Quantity, Unit, and Remarks Tracking
  • Batch/Serial Number Tracking
  • Parts Inclusion for AMC Contracts
  • Terms and Conditions Master
Support Request Automation
Support Portal
Effortless Streamlining of Tasks and Processes

Support Portal

Reimagine efficiency through our groundbreaking Workflow Automation capability. Seamlessly orchestrate intricate processes and task sequences with H-Office’s intuitive automation solution. From task inception to culmination, witness streamlined operations and enhanced collaboration. This transformative tool eliminates the need for manual intervention, empowering your team to focus on value-driven tasks. With Workflow Automation, elevate your workflow management to new heights, boosting productivity and optimizing resource allocation across your organization.
  • Automated Workflow Creation
  • Dynamic Subtask Management
  • Due Date Assignments
  • Assignee Designations
  • Weightage Allocation
  • Customizable Autotask Settings
Lead and Analysis
Increase productivity and enhance collaboration

Lead and Analysis

H-Office CRM Core – Your All-in-One Solution for Streamlined Customer Relationship Management. Unleash the power of seamless communication, efficient task management, and comprehensive customer insights with our versatile CRM Core product. From a dynamic contact center to managing products, our CRM Core caters to your every need. Seamlessly organize and access documents through our integrated Document Management System (DMS). Stay on top of tasks with reminders and appointments, ensuring no opportunity is missed. Plus, track your team’s productivity with timesheet functionality. Elevate your customer interactions, team collaboration, and business efficiency with H-Office CRM Core.
  • Contact Center
  • Product Management
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Task Management
  • Reminders
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Timesheet Tracking