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Experience a paradigm shift in Pharma Manufacturing as H-Office CRM redefines simplicity in lead management, internal costing retrieval from the purchase team, effortless quote generation, seamless follow-ups, and comprehensive report management.
Pharma Sales CRM

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H-Office CRM's Pioneering Role in Revolutionizing Pharma Sales Management Process

Sales Workflow

  • 1
    Lead Management

    Receive leads for manufacturing one or more medicines with/without formulations.

  • 2
    Lead Product Costing Requester

    The sales team forwards the product list of a particular lead to the purchase team for costing, without disclosing lead contact details, and updates the lead status on a timely basis.

  • 3
    Automatic Product Cost Calculation

    The purchase manager obtains raw material costing from vendors, calculates additional costs (transportation, taxes, duties), and prepares a cost sheet against the shared product list with item availability.

  • 4

    Based on the purchase team's costing, the sales team prepares a quote for client approval.

  • 5
    Sales Orders & Proforma Invoices

    The sales team will receive orders for some of the medicines mentioned in the particular lead to proceed with production, while revisions may be required for the rest.

  • 6
    Sales Analytics

    Management can view real-time reports, along with daily lead analysis, which includes information about the products for which costing has been provided by the purchase team, quotations sent, orders awarded, and the current stage of pending orders for other products in a particular lead.

Pharma Sales Workflow
Problem Statement

Sales Workflow Obstacles


Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies encounter a myriad of challenges in their sales process. These include managing multiple leads with different products and formulations, navigating communication gaps between sales and purchase teams, relying on manual processes for obtaining product rates and availability, lacking real-time visibility into order status and product conversions, grappling with privacy concerns regarding lead contacts, and struggling with the absence of a sophisticated quotation management system. These challenges hinder efficiency and pose significant obstacles to seamless sales operations.
  • Inefficient lead management with multiple products per lead.
  • Communication gaps between sales and purchase teams.
  • Manual processes for obtaining product rates and availability.
  • Lack of real-time visibility into lead status.
  • Privacy concerns regarding lead contacts.
  • Absence of a sophisticated quotation management system.
  • Difficulty in tracking follow-ups for various products in a single lead.
  • Lack of standardized processes for cost estimation.
  • Absence of centralized system for organizing lead data.

Streamlined Lead Management for Pharma Manufacturing

Lead Management

Efficiently manage thousands or millions of leads from various sources within a single CRM platform, ensuring no opportunity is missed.
    • Multiple products and formulations within a single lead: Seamlessly handle multiple products and formulations within a single lead, streamlining the entire sales process and enhancing productivity.
    • Follow-Up Management: Implement effective follow-up management at both lead and product levels, ensuring timely engagement and nurturing of leads to drive conversions.
    • Seamless Online Lead Integration: Effortlessly integrate with platforms like IndiaMart, TradeIndia, JustDial, websites, and social media (e.g., Facebook). Leads from these sources are automatically created in H-Office CRM, ensuring seamless lead capture and maximizing sales potential.
  • Lead Status Tracking: Track lead status throughout the sales pipeline, from initial contact to conversion or closure, providing visibility into lead progress and facilitating effective pipeline management.
  • Customizable Lead Pipeline: Tailor the lead pipeline stages to match your sales process, from initial contact to conversion, for better tracking and management.
Prospect Center
Lead Product Costing Requester

Unlocking Efficiency and Precision in Product Costing

Lead Product Costing Requester

This is a specialized functionality within H-Office CRM designed to streamline and enhance their internal product costing requests for the leads. Unlock efficiency and precision in cost estimation with seamless integration and tailored request generation.
    • Customized Request Generation: Enable sales teams to generate customized product costing requests directly within leads, tailoring requests based on specific product requirements.
    • Secure Communication: Ensure secure and confidential communication between sales and purchase teams by excluding lead contact details from product costing requests.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Provide management with real-time visibility into the status of product costing requests, empowering informed decision-making.
  • Centralized Costing Repository: Maintain a centralized repository of product costing information within H-Office CRM, facilitating easy access and reference for future use.
  • Improved Collaboration: Foster collaboration between sales and purchase teams by streamlining the product costing request process, promoting efficiency and accuracy in cost estimation.
  • Real-time System Updates: Enable real-time updates within H-Office CRM, ensuring that sales teams and purchase teams have access to the latest information on product costing requests.

Formula Engine for Automatic Cost Calculation and Submission

Automatic Product Cost Calculation

With this functionality purchase team efficiently manages product costing requests received from the sales team. With the vendor rate configuration feature, purchase team members can easily obtain rates from vendors, apply customized formulas to calculate additional costs, and submit accurate costing requests in a timely manner.
    • Vendor Rate Management: Easily obtain rates from vendors and maintain a centralized repository of vendor pricing information within H-Office CRM.
    • Formula Engine: Configure customized formulas to automatically calculate additional costs such as transportation, taxes, and duties, streamlining the cost calculation process.
    • Automated Costing Submission: Submit accurate costing requests directly within H-Office CRM, ensuring timely and efficient communication between sales and purchase teams.
  • Real-Time Cost Updates: Receive real-time updates on cost calculations and submissions, enabling stakeholders to track progress and make informed decisions.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate seamless collaboration between sales and purchase teams with streamlined costing processes, enhancing communication and decision-making efficiency.
Automatic Product Cost Calculation

Seamless Creation and Customization


Once the purchase team submits product costing requests with rates and stock availability, salespersons can swiftly create comprehensive quotations with enterprise-level features.
    • Swift Quotation Creation: Quickly create detailed and accurate quotations including annexures, terms and conditions, payment terms, delivery schedules and more directly within H-Office CRM, leveraging information from product costing requests submitted by the purchase team.
    • Profitability Analysis: Analyze the profitability of quotations in real-time, ensuring informed decision-making and maximizing revenue potential.
    • Stock Availability Check: Check the availability of stock for quoted products instantly, enabling proactive management of inventory and customer expectations.
  • Word Format Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Word to design and customize quotation templates with variable fields, ensuring professional and personalized proposals.
  • Multiple Quotation Formats: Manage and customize multiple quotation formats to align with different company preferences and customer requirements, enhancing flexibility and professionalism.
  • Approval Workflow: Implement an approval workflow for quotations, ensuring compliance and accountability in the quotation creation process.

Efficiency from Leads to Orders

Sales Orders & Proforma Invoices

Seamlessly integrated with quotation creation, and featuring word integration, approval workflow, and swift payment and delivery term management, sales teams can efficiently convert quotations into sales orders and pro forma invoices, ensuring seamless transactions and customer satisfaction.
    • Quick Conversion: Swiftly convert quotations into sales orders with the click of a button, incorporating all key details from the quotation for seamless order processing.
    • Efficient Lead-to-Sales Order Tracking: Track the entire journey from lead generation to sales order conversion within the same lead, ensuring visibility and accountability throughout the sales process. Easily monitor the status of multiple products within a single lead, whether they are in the sales order conversion stage or still in progress, enabling seamless coordination and timely follow-up actions.
    • Word Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Word to customize sales order templates with variable fields, ensuring professional and personalized documentation.
  • Approval Workflow: Implement an approval workflow for sales orders and Proforma Invoices, ensuring compliance and accountability in the order creation process.
  • Payment and Delivery Terms Management: Manage payment and delivery terms for sales orders and pro forma invoices, ensuring clear communication with customers and timely fulfillment of orders.
Sales Order & Proforma Invoice
Sales Analytics

Unlocking Key Performance Metrics

Sales Analytics

Harness the power of H-Office analytics to unlock valuable sales insights, streamline lead management processes, and drive business growth with data-driven decision-making.
    • Daily Report Management: Receive detailed daily reports via email, including lead-wise numeric analysis and stage-wise analytics, enabling real-time visibility into sales activities and performance metrics.
    • Inquiry Tracking: Track inquiries for multiple products or formulations within a lead, monitoring conversion status and pipeline progress to identify potential sales opportunities and areas for improvement.
    • Quotation Status Tracking: Monitor the status of quotations, including product costing requested to purchase, pending quotes, and order receipt, ensuring timely follow-up actions and seamless communication between sales and purchase teams.
  • Regional Insights: Gain insights into business regions, product preferences, and stock availability, facilitating targeted marketing strategies and informed decision-making for sales expansion and resource allocation.
  • Product Form Analysis: Track orders based on product form preferences, such as powder, liquid, or other packets, providing valuable insights into customer preferences and market demand trends for optimized product offerings.

Visual Insights into Our Cutting-Edge CRM Features for Pharma Industry

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Transforming Sales Operations and Maximizing Efficiency with H-Office


    • Improved Sales Efficiency: Experience increased sales efficiency and productivity with streamlined lead management, automated processes, and real-time analytics, enabling sales teams to focus on high-priority tasks and drive revenue growth.
    • Enhanced Customer Relationships: Foster stronger customer relationships and loyalty through personalized interactions, timely follow-ups, and tailored solutions, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention rates.
    • Streamlined Operations: Achieve operational excellence with H-Office’s integrated CRM platform, streamlining sales, marketing, and customer service processes for improved collaboration, communication, and efficiency across departments.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Harness the power of data-driven insights and analytics to make informed decisions, optimize sales strategies, and identify new business opportunities, driving continuous improvement and competitive advantage.
  • Measurable Business Growth: Experience measurable business growth and success with H-Office CRM, as evidenced by increased sales revenue, higher conversion rates, improved sales pipeline visibility, and enhanced overall performance metrics.
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