Witness the magic of popular applications seamlessly intertwined with H-Office. From finance to marketing, HR to analytics, our powerful integrations empower your business processes across diverse domains. Elevate your efficiency and unlock new horizons with the perfect synergy of H-Office and your favorite apps.
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Core CRM

650* User / Month
  • List Item #1

Support CRM

750* User / Month
  • List Item #1

Marketing CRM

750* User / Month
  • List Item #1


1050* User / Month
  • List Item #1


1150* User / Month
  • List Item #1
  • Contacts
  • Tasks (Including Recurring & Group Task)
  • DMS (Document Management System)
  • Dashboard
  • Products
  • Reminders
  • Appointment
  • Time Sheet
  • Custom Fields
  • Document Template
  • Business Analytical Reports
  • Daily Digest & Daily Work Assignment Report
  • Leads
  • Prospects
  • Email Campaigns
  • Whatsapp Campaigns
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Complaints / Tickets
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quotations
  • Sales Orders / Proforma
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Invoices & Returns
  • Purchase Invoices & Returns
  • Receipts & Credit Notes
  • Payments & Debit Notes
  • Account Journal
  • Ledgers & Reports
  • Goods Received Note (GRN)
  • Delivery Challan (DC)
  • Stock Journal Voucher (JV)
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Internal Stock Transfer

* The above packages do not include implementation and support charges.

Enhance Your Package with Add-Ons and Integrations

Explore additional features to complement your chosen package

Add-ons Pricing

Payable / Company

  • List Item #1

Payable / User

  • List Item #1
  • Group Company
  • Multi Branch / Multi Warehouse(Unlimited Branches)
  • Multi Currency & Multi Time Zone
  • Task Workflow Automation(All User Mandatory)
  • Events
  • Event Portal
  • Projects
  • Project Timesheet Portal
  • Membership & Subscriptions
  • Incoming Emails (200MB/User)(All Users Mandatory)
  • Student Batch Management
  • Rental & Bookings
  • Publications
  • Recruitment
  • Sales / Purchase Contracts
  • Service Contracts
  • Support Portal
  • Inventory handling with Support Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • ShopSync E-cat
  • Lead Mobile App(Android)
  • POS
  • ShopSync E-Com
  • OrderExpress Basic (5 Users Pack & Unlimited Orders)
  • OrderExpress Advance (5 Users Pack & Unlimited Orders)
  • Expense Voucher Workflow
  • Bulk & Auto Invoicing
  • Barcode Generator & Reader
  • Attributes Management
  • Custom BOQ & Stock JV
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Formula Engine
  • Work Order Management
  • Advance Multi Unit Inventory Management
  • Bin Management
  • Packaging
  • QC
  • Export Documentation
  • Cost Management
  • Production Stock JV
  • Purchase Indent & Vendor Approval Workflow

Integration Pricing

Payable / Company

  • List Item #1

Payable / User

  • List Item #1
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Cloud Telephony & IVRS (Only Incoming)
  • Cloud Telephony & IVRS (Incoming & Outgoing)
  • Predictive Dailer
  • Amazon SES
  • Missed Call Integration
  • eSSL Attendance Device
  • Google Maps
  • IOT
  • IndiaMart
  • Tradeindia
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Tally (WIthout Inventory)
  • 1 Pay
  • CC Avenue
  • Razorpay
  • Tally (WIthout Inventory)
  • E-Way Bill
  • E-Invoice
  • iThink Logistic
  • Porter
  • Delbird

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Get answers to common queries about H-Office. Explore our FAQ section to learn more about our products, features, support, and how H-Office can transform your business operations.
H-Office is versatile and serves businesses across various industries, including manufacturing, Distribution, retail, services, and more, making it adaptable to your industry’s unique needs.
Yes, H-Office offers customizable modules that can be tailored to your specific business workflows, ensuring a solution that aligns perfectly with your requirements.
H-Office is designed to seamlessly integrate with over 50+ popular applications across various domains, allowing smooth data flow and enhancing overall business processes.
Data security is a priority. H-Office implements advanced security measures to protect your sensitive business data, ensuring it remains confidential and compliant.
Yes, transitioning to H-Office is feasible. Our team assists with data migration and provides training to ensure a smooth switch from your current software to our solutions.
H-Office releases regular updates to enhance features, security, and user experience. Our commitment is to provide you with a system that stays up-to-date with the latest advancements.
Minimum 3 users subscription for minimum 1 year is required for any of the H-Office CRM / ERP product.
H-Office is a service-type product, so there will be a service tax applicable on user’s subscription and implementation.
H-Office application and data servers are stored on highly reliable and secure dedicated cloud servers where full data backups are maintained every 24 hours. On the application side, user-level & IP level security is configured.
Quarterly / yearly advance payment is required. If you fail to renew the subscription on time, you will get a grace period of 1 week to settle down the payment formalities. If you don’t renew your subscription in the grace period, your application will get locked, and data will be saved on the server for 1 month, after which the data will be removed without notice, and a penalty will be charged at 10% of the annual subscription cost.
On bulk purchase, you can get a special discount that varies from time to time as per the company policy. For such proposals, you can get in touch with the H-Office Representative or Business Associate.
Prices increase over time, but if you subscribe for more than 3 years with advance payment, you will get the benefit of a fixed price deal for your long-term subscription.
Yes, we offer export in spreadsheet and pdf format for most important reports, and you can also export your masters such as product and contacts in spreadsheet format.
We create all client links on our subdomain (i.e., If you want your people to use some other URL, you can redirect that particular page to the provided link URL.
Yes, you can migrate from one H-Office package to another anytime. Do
Contacts, products, opening stock, and opening ledgers migration are possible, provided a client uses our spreadsheet import templates to map the data fields from another application. If any other data migration is needed to be done to H-Office, there will be a customization and feasibility check for migration.
Yes, we do provide on-site visits and support at additional cost, with charges calculated based upon each visit.
Depending upon your support pack subscription plan, you will get remote support by email, phone, video conferensing, and screen-sharing tools during working hours.
You can add or remove users anytime. If you want to add new users after a few months and prices have changed, you will have to pay as per the new pricing policy for additional / new users.
You can cancel the subscription with a 3-month advance notice, but we won’t be able to make any refund once the payment is made.
We categorize every reported bug as blocker, critical, normal, and trivial. For blocker-type bugs, our resolution time is 72 hours; for critical issues, it’s 144 hours, and remaining issues are resolved in fortnightly updates.
Yes, of course. We have a strong community of users providing valuable feedback to us, and we incorporate many requests into our production roadmap for the betterment of the application.
H-Office is a cloud-based application that has been thoroughly tested on Mozilla Firefox’s latest version. While it may work on other browsers, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox for the best user experience.