Witness the magic of popular applications seamlessly intertwined with H-Office. From finance to marketing, HR to analytics, our powerful integrations empower your business processes across diverse domains. Elevate your efficiency and unlock new horizons with the perfect synergy of H-Office and your favorite apps.
XRM Main

XRM Package Includes

Quotation & Proposal

Craft, Customize, and Close Deals Seamlessly

Quotation Automation

Welcome to the future of quotations! H-Office’s Quotation Automation section empowers you to streamline your sales processes and make a lasting impression on your clients. Create beautifully designed quotations, automate calculations, and manage every detail with precision. Boost your efficiency and win more deals with ease.
  • Custom Quotation Formats
  • Dynamic Masters
  • One-Click Quotation Copy
  • Quotation Revision
  • Lead to Quotation Automation
  • Multiple Pricelist Management
  • Auto Discounting
  • Approval Workflow
  • Real-time Profitability Calculator
  • Auto Tax Applicability
  • Attachment Options

Insightful Intelligence

Sales Order Management

Take control of your sales process and streamline your order management effortlessly with H-Office’s Sales Orders Management. From designing professional sales order formats to optimizing profitability and managing transactions, this feature-rich tool ensures you handle sales orders with precision, efficiency, and ease.
  • Microsoft Word Integration
  • Proforma Invoice Format Design
  • Dynamic Masters for Terms & Conditions
  • One-Click Copy of Sales Orders
  • Sales Order Revision
  • Quotation to Sales Order Automation
Sales Order Management
Cost Management

Optimize Your Financial Management

Finance & Accounting

H-Office XRM’s Finance & Accounting module stands as a cornerstone of efficient financial management, offering a comprehensive suite of features to streamline your operations. Beyond just managing multiple invoice types and customizing sales preferences, this module empowers you to optimize every aspect of your financial processes. By automating sales order to invoice conversions and ensuring precise payment and receipt management, H-Office ERP minimizes manual errors and enhances compliance with financial regulations. Moreover, the module provides robust reporting capabilities, offering detailed insights into your financial performance and highlighting areas for improvement. With H-Office ERP, you have the tools to not only streamline your financial operations but also to drive strategic decision-making, ultimately fueling growth and profitability for your business.
  • Multiple Invoice Type Management
  • Party & Product Wise Sales & Purchase Preference Settings (Form, Invoice Type, Tax Group)
  • Dynamic Masters for Terms & Conditions, Cover Letters, and Product Annexures
  • One-Click Copy Invoice Option
  • Edit Invoice Functionality
  • Multiple Price List Management

Enhance Your Workflow with Supported Integrations

XRM Supported Integrations

Enhance Your Workflow with Supported Integrations

XRM Supported Integrations

Integration Tally
Integration 1pay
Integration CCAvenue
Integration Razorpay
Integration indiamart
Integration Trade India
Integration Facebook
Integration Instagram
Integration Mailchimp
Integration Aweber
Integration Whatsapp
Integration Text
Integration Amazon SES
Integration Call
Integration Google Maps
Integration IOT