Are you still struggling with Timezone

It is time to get updated with the new features of the CRM that can help you track both internal and external activities. You may have tough time managing the business if you are selling globally. Managing business, people, and transactions gets very difficult at times if you are in a multi-location business i.e. having offices in multiple time zones. H-Office CRM helps you manage your business with the utmost ease. With the help of H-office CRM you can:

Track employees

H-Office CRM helps you in tracking employees and their time-sheet as per their time zone. You can easily setup multiple employees in a single time zone and single employee in multiple times if he is working on multiple projects of two different time zones.

Track Currencies

As a business it becomes easy for a person to track and manage multiple transactions with different currencies. You can keep track of multiple currencies for a single transaction.

Contact Level mapping

Your H-Office CRM is the best contact management web app for handling the contact database. Each and every contact can be mapped individually for time zone and currency.

Most of the CRMs in the industry provide master level setting wherein things can be mapped separately. H-Office CRM provides flexibility to manage things as per the business policy. You can manage multiple branch locations, employees from multiple time zones, etc from the same CRM applications to optimize your business processes.

Ease your business with the H-Office CRM and leave all your worries to the system. You should focus on your core business rather managing these things on daily basis manually. If you want to know more about the features of H-Office CRM, get in touch with our CRM experts at +91 9327058088

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