Benefits of Alerts on Your Smartphone With H-Office

It is the most challenging aspect to keep everything handy while you are on move or in sales profession. You need a CRM with smart alert on your phone to improvise the business process and the growth of the business. Smartphone notification or alerts automatically provide new events or reminders of the events regardless of the other applications running on the device.
H-Office CRM has all such features included to help its users in the entire life cycle of the sales and service. Your CRM can help in quick notification and status on your mobile with quick lead response, customer service escalations, proposals approvals, pricing approvals, expenses approvals, assigning the tasks and many other business benefits.

With the help of H-Office CRM you can easily work on the important business tasks and take important decisions on the basis of alerts and notifications even if you are travelling.

Smartphone alerts improvise the response rate, timely approvals, and help in becoming better in the entire sales process.

Lead Management: You can easily manage the leads, fill all the dispositions, track the leads, maintain all the records and documents related to the leads and clients.

Service Management: While you are on the move, you can also serve clients easily. It becomes easy to provide service to the clients and help them in solving their queries faster. You can view all the tickets raised for the service requests and the complaints. You can easily track them and help to solve them at the earliest with the faster internal communication.

Approval Management: Even if you are on the move for your sales pitch coordination with the team becomes easy for any kind of approval.

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