Importance of Appointment and Time Management

Sales conversions are higher if your sales team is well equipped with the process which is automated via CRM. H-Office CRM has helped various organizations in increasing their sales numbers due to enhanced team performance.

Appointment and Time management module of H-Office CRM helps your sales team in feeding data like appointment, visit, meeting, event planning, etc. The Sales person can define appointment category, type and prioritize the same as per the meeting slots. It can be integrated with the Google calendar. Your sales person can view all the appointments in calendar view so that he can analyze the free time slot to setup another meeting if it is in the same area or specific free time slot.

Your Sales person can also pre plan his meetings with the help of the appointment module. He can setup daily, weekly and monthly visit plans to keep track of all the appointments. Optimization and proper utilization of time can help the sales person in focusing on more sales related activities rather than spending more and more time in maintaining record manually.

It is also beneficial for the manager level of person who can easily track the performance and schedule of the team members. The sales manager can have a proper track as per the status of prospects like lead, customer, and other types of requests as well. There are a number of ways to pull the reports which can help in doing further analysis and can be used as an important tool for next planning.

Empower your sales experts with the right tool so that they can spend maximum time in sales activities rather than creating manual reports for you. To know more and get structured with the proper process, call our experts at +91 9327058088

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