Lead Analysis with the help of H-Office CRM

H-office CRM is not just another CRM helping companies to manage their lead to sales cycle; rather it also does various types of analyses. Companies having multiple sales forces on the field on various locations and for different products find it very complex to do analysis on the basis of product, location, team, individual and many other such factors. Such complex operations can be easily managed by the H-Office CRM.H-office CRM provides lead analysis on the basis of a few below mentioned key parameters:

Source wise

There might be N number of sources to generate a lead. It is important to understand the effectiveness of the source hence monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of such a campaign is the most important task. This helps in filtering the best campaign and continuing with the same for further lead activities.

Industry Wise

Companies run industry wise campaigns for their products and try to settle with a few industries in long run on the basis of acceptance from them. Industry wise lead analysis reports help to understand which industry is performing well for the product.

Employee wise

Individual sales effectiveness is the key. H-Office CRM helps in conducting employee wise lead analysis to know which employee is performing better than other.

Team Wise

Companies with a large sales team will create team product wise, location wise, etc. It also becomes important to understand how the team A is performing against Team B for the said product or in the said location.

These types of reports help in various analysis and hence H-Office CRM is customized in the way that it can help the business owners to have all the numbers at the finger tips.

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