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Release Note - v24.05

Release Note – v24.05

We are delighted to announce the release of H-Office Update v24.05 for May 2024, bringing several important improvements to enhance your experience with H-Office. This release features a range of new additions, enhancements, and bug fixes. Here’s a detailed description of the key highlights:

New Development:

Scheduler Automation Report: A new report has been introduced for scheduler automation across all modules. Users can now check the scheduler mail list module-wise, enhancing monitoring and management.

Franchise Management Portal Development: This portal empowers master franchises and franchises with robust tools and features to efficiently handle various aspects of their operations. From accessing and managing accounts, viewing stocks, and placing orders to tracking payments, deliveries, and earnings, the portal offers an all-encompassing solution. Additionally, the portal facilitates support request management, account ledger access, and report generation, ensuring transparency and ease of use. With integrated notification and email alert systems, users stay informed about critical updates, ensuring seamless communication and operational efficiency.

  • Access Master Franchise Account to view and manage franchise operations.
  • View Products with available stock and pricing with detailed information.
  • Onboard new dealer and franchise accounts with all necessary details.
  • View all dealers and franchise data, including approval status and business transactions.
  • Place new orders for dealers and track past orders, delivery status, and payment status.
  • Create new receipts of payment for orders, including proof of payment and transaction ID.
  • View invoices of dealers and franchise’s dealers.
  • Access account ledgers and outstanding reports of dealers and franchise.
  • View earnings for franchise (processed and unprocessed).
  • Create and view support requests for self, customer, and franchise.
  • Access various reports related to orders, payments, customers, franchise, earnings, and more.
  • View and download TDS certificates of investors.

Notifications & Email Alerts: Set new notifications and email alerts for various actions, including:

  • Request received for onboarding new franchise by Master Franchise.
  • Request received for onboarding new Customer by Franchise.
  • New order received.
  • Payment received.
  • Support request received.
  • Support request updated.

Welcome Messages: Automated welcome messages with login credentials for master franchise and franchise account creation.

Account Verification: Notifications for account verification approval or denial for submitted customer.

Order and Payment Confirmations: Alerts for order approvals and payment confirmations.

Goods Delivery: Notifications for goods delivery updates to customer.

Invoices and TDS Certificates: Copies of invoices and TDS certificates sent to relevant stakeholders.

Support Requests: Alerts for support request submissions, updates, and closures.

Earnings Settled: Notifications for settled earnings and bonuses.


Support Request Title Update: When replying to a support request and changing the sub-category, the ticket title will now update accordingly. This ensures consistency and clarity in ticket categorization.

Auto Task Workflow Filter: In the setup side, workflows are now filtered by active and inactive status, displaying active workflows with priority.

Address Management in Transactions: Customer addresses used in any transactions (e.g., Invoice, Delivery Challan, Purchase Invoice, GRN) are now disabled from editing, ensuring transactional integrity.

Edit Role in Contact Module: The contact creator is now able to edit the contact. Previously, only key account managers or users with the “edit all contacts” role could edit contacts.

BIN Store Option in Product Master: A new option has been added in the product master to enable BIN store functionality. This provides enhanced inventory management capabilities.


Work Order Cancellation: When canceling a work order, the mapped Manufacturing Journal Voucher (MFG JV) is now automatically released, making it available for attachment to other work orders.

Feel free to explore these updates and let us know your thoughts! Your feedback is invaluable to us.

Best regards,
H-Office Development Team