The Problem lies with the process rather

Most of the businesses take time to decide about CRM implementation, since they are not sure if there will be benefit for them or not. It is said that mostly CRM fails due to non-acceptance by people but it may not be true in all cases. A few companies do not have set processes in the organization which is set as a benchmark for all the stakeholders.

H-Office CRM and its implementation methodology help companies in ensuring smooth setup by filling the gap between people and their processes. Easy to use SaaS based H-Office CRM helps people to understand the flow of CRM in the easiest way to ensure the speed of knowledge sharing. Successful CRM implementation is just not a setup but inducing people to use it regularly and follow the process.


People are one of the great assets for your organization. Once they are well informed, they can easily manage anything. Educating them on the new product or solution helps you in long term. There might be reasons like fewer acceptances, less attention in training, some miscommunication or misalignment from the people in organization but they are not major as compared to process issues.


Automating process can help in many ways like improved internal and external communications by an employee, data protection, project tracking, and various other such initiatives. You should define process as per your business objective and by drafting a well defined process design.

H-Office helps in bringing both process and people together to align their common business objective. Our expert customer support members can help you with the best solution. In order to get more information about the best way to solve the process, get in touch with us at +91 9327058088

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