5 Key Benefits of Making Sales Quotes in H-Office

Do you know that your sales team invests more time in creating manual quotes daily than following up with the leads? H-Office CRM can help you increase your sales team performance and productivity by automating your quotation process. It also helps in creating that impact and impresses your leads about your company following the processes.


H-Office CRM automates the quotation and proposal process in order to save time and energy of the salesperson.


H-Office can be easily integrated with the features like e-signature, accounting platforms, eCommerce platforms, etc. With the help of these integrations, sales people become more efficient.


It helps in showcasing your professionalism to the leads and clients since most of the things are automated and done timely.

Internal Processing

There are various internal approvals required for each and every quote created. H-Office CRM helps in getting the quotes approved internally faster before sending to the client.

Better Conversions

Automation of the quotations can lead better approval rates and better ROI. The follows up processes can be defined as well with the pre-defined reminder templates.

H-Office is designed with the perspective of winning the business. You can easily create quotes and proposals with the customized template of your company to share with the leads anytime from anywhere. Sales person sending the automated quotes from the CRM gets more weightage than sending it manually via emails in traditional way. It is observed that conversions are better by 18% in such cases.

The salesperson can better focus on clients rather than spending more time and energy on the paperwork to complete the proposals. This approach will optimize the process over the time and conversions to improvise business revenue. Let H-Office take care of your quotation automation connect 9327058088

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