5 Key benefits of contact 360 view

Your Sales team has to work a lot while managing a complete cycle from Prospect to Contract. It is beneficial to both, the sales team as well as the company. This data is always helpful to understand the current situation of the company and so it becomes supportive data for making further strategy.

Key benefits are

Centralized Data

If your team is using H-Office CRM to insert the Contact data, it will be beneficial to your Organization in terms of maintaining the entire data at one place to create a repository.

Contact Mapping

Every prospect and other contacts are mapped to a company so that you can fetch the relevant data at any point of time.

Lead Status

It becomes easy to track and check the status of each and every lead. Once you change the disposition of a lead, it automatically takes care of next steps as per the process flow. Set up multiple reminders for each and every lead.

Task Mapping

Every task can be mapped to the lead, sales person, and the prospect client. There might be the case wherein multiple sales people are in touch with the same prospect for different sets of services or products. An admin or manager can easily take status from a combined sales effort perspective for the same lead.

Historical Data

It is important to have historical data of each and every lead and the company. This can be very handy in terms of data support while closing a deal with an old lead even if you have not handled it since the very start.

As a business, reduce your chances of losing any important data and keep your historical data on your fingertips to take some quick decisions. If you want to know more about H-Office CRM, one of our sales representatives can be in touch with you at your convenience.

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