H-office Integrated E-Commerce


We are glad to announce the release of our new milestone add-on plugin on the H-Office platform E-Commerce portal which works with your existing H-Office database.

E-Commerce portal is integrated with your own H-Office link and expression of your own H-Office product master with the option to make it appear in the portal in a user-friendly format.

Key Benefits:

  • The full portal may be easily set up using the well-known H-Office backend
  • Clients can examine your whole product portfolio in a simple mobile friendly layout
  • No duplication of effort – once you set up any “Product” with “image library, customer field, and description with price to be displayed in existing H-Office, you are ready with an eCommerce portal at the same time!
  • You can alter the pricing of the H-Office product master as needed
  • You can activate or deactivate any product or category straight from H-Office
  • There is no reliance on a third-party portal developer for changes to portal content
  • Portal with CRM backend ensures that all post-order/post-inquiry handling is managed in existing CRM/ERP for unparalleled client satisfaction experience.
  • The dependability and speed of a dedicated server for smooth operation

E-Commerce Portal features:

  • Experience with mobile responsiveness
  • You can display an endless number of product categories by using the picture [H-Office product category]
  • Show the product detail view with a description [product master H-Office]
  • More Product Information [H-Office product characteristics / custom fields]
  • Option to display the goods with or without a price
  • Option for “shopping cart” / “quote request” / “inquiry”
  • Setup for the portal integration’s final “result” as a “lead” or “sales order”
  • Notification of orders and inquiries through email, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • Product-specific “options” can be engaged, affecting the pricing of the selected product
For a personalized demo, get in touch with us!

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