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Release Note - v24.04

Release Note – v24.04

We are delighted to announce the release of H-Office Update v24.04 for April 2024, bringing several important improvements to enhance your experience with H-Office. This release features a range of new additions, enhancements, and bug fixes. Here’s a detailed description of the key highlights:

New Development:

Import Sheet Fields for Prospect and Contacts: Added new columns for “Created By” and “Key Account Manager” in the import sheets for prospects and contacts, facilitating streamlined data import processes.

Template Variables in Work Order: Included new variables such as status, tentative date, and work order address in the work order templates, enabling users to customize and enhance work order documentation.

New Reports in Timesheet Portal: Introduced three new reports in the Timesheet Portal- Monthly Timesheet Report, Employee-wise Report, and Absence List Report. These reports provide comprehensive insights into employee time tracking and absence management.

Price Express Portal: Launched a beta of price Express portal, providing users with a convenient platform for price comparison and evaluation.

WhatsApp PDF Send in POS system: Implemented functionality to send PDF documents via WhatsApp in the POS module, enhancing communication and document sharing capabilities for POS transactions.


Edit Role in Contact Module: Enhanced the Contact Module by allowing users with the appropriate roles to edit contacts. Now, users with “Edit all” roles or designated key account managers can edit contacts they have created.

Image Upload Search in Product Module: Added a new search criterion to check whether an image has been uploaded for a product. This enhancement facilitates efficient management of product images by enabling users to easily identify products without images.

Voucher Payment Display in Ledger Report: Implemented a feature to include voucher payment entries in the Display Ledger report, categorized by group bank accounts. This enhancement provides comprehensive visibility into financial transactions.

Support Request Category and Subcategory: Introduced support request category and subcategory selection based on company divisions. Users can now select category and subcategory options specific to their division when creating support requests, enhancing organizational clarity and workflow efficiency.


Decimal Precision Issue in Invoice Creation: Resolved an issue where in some cases decimal precision was not applied correctly in invoice creation. Now, decimal values are accurately displayed during invoice editing, ensuring precision in quantity management.

Feel free to explore these updates and let us know your thoughts! Your feedback is invaluable to us.

Best regards,
H-Office Development Team