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Accelerate your business with Software as a Saas

Managing your business on the move and saving the heavy one time installation cost can be saved by the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) application. It is usually a web based software application hosted at one single server but used from various locations.

Since several years large Corporates and other companies were using CRM software hosted on their own environment that was not only increasing the One Time setup cost but also increasing maintenance cost. H-Office has helped various such companies to move from locally hosted CRM to the cloud hosted CRM platform, H-Office CRM. Now to access the H-Office CRM, it is as easy as handling your social accounts or email accounts. H-Office CRM takes care of support of managing the web application, security, availability and most importantly the performance.

Advantage of Using H-Office CRM

High Acceptance

H-Office CRM is highly acceptable by various industries and companies into manufacturing, service and product sales, etc.

Easy Setup

Since it is a cloud hosted subscription based web application, the setup is comparatively very easy. It can also be customized as per your requirement before hosting it for the use.

Frequent Updates

H-Office CRM is updated frequently with the new modules. One can easily add new modules to improvise the operations on the basis of the requirement.

Seamless Integration

H-Office CRM can easily be integrated with the pre-existing applications and servers. It can communicate both the ways with the Third Party applications too like Google Calendar, Tally Application, etc.

These are a few pointers out of the plethora of advantages that we can tell you about the H-Office CRM integration. We have various case studies to present alongside different Industries and businesses. Get connected to us today itself to know more about the detailed list of product advantages. Call Now on +91 9327058088