Automating your purchase cycle with H-Office

If you are in business of procuring the raw material or product trading it is essential to automate the procurement and inventory management process. H-Office helps you in automating the process by enabling you to handle purchase requests, Purchase order generations, approval process, Goods Receipt Note (GRN), etc. It can also manage creation of Purchase invoice, Purchase return, and Debit Note for ease of handling the business.

Automating the purchase cycle can benefit you many ways

  • Better accountability
  • Quick decision making
  • One click data visibility
  • Improved profitability
  • Quick Turnaround time

H-Office Purchase Cycle includes

Purchase Order

You can easily create and manage the Purchase order from the H-Office CRM system. It is easier to communicate with the vendors as well regarding the product delivery and purchase order.

Good Receipt Note

Once the goods are received at your end you can immediately create Good Receipt Note which is usually called as GRN.

Purchase Invoice

Whatever purchase you make easily can be tracked with the purchase invoices on the system itself.

Purchase Return & Debit Note

There might be instances of product or raw material return to the vendor. In such scenario either purchase return or Debit note is created to match the stock at your end.

Inventory Management

Once the inward and outward is completely and correctly recorded by adjusting all the returns and notes, you can have a proper Inventory managed at your end.

Once the entire entry is done your team can save lot of time in calculating and managing the data with less of effort and with less chances of errors due to less intervene by human. To know more about H-Office CRM purchase cycle management feature call us on +91 9327058088

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