Automation of your marketing campaign

It is evident that marketing is the backbone of any company’s success. If you can market and position your product well in the industry, sales become relatively easier. Automating your marketing process is the need of the hour for your business. Using right tools for your automation can save a lot of your time in the business and you can thus focus on the core activity of your business.

H-Office CRM is developed keeping all your activities and pain areas in mind. It gives you complete access to your prospect data in a proper format that you can filter as per your requirement. H-Office CRM can help you in:


You can well plan your content, theme and the target group. You can create multiple ideas for a single campaign to check its effectiveness.


You can customize and design your marketing campaign with the help of easy to use editors for the text and images. You can create different landing pages and mailers and save them as templates for using them for next campaign as well.

Follow up

Since everything is automated, it is easier to follow up the prospects targeted through the campaign. Customized reports pulled from the CRM system can help you analyze the effectiveness of your campaign.

If you are running multiple contests for a campaign, it becomes easier to figure out which is the best Contest with the help of reports. This will help you continue with the contest giving better results. All the call to actions from your marketing campaigns can be stored in the H-Office CRM system and prospect converted once can be moved to the sales pipeline.

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