Control Expenses with Voucher Approval Workflow

Voucher payment is made for the expenses incurred on a day-to-day basis. Your vouchers can be approved manually or using a proper workflow through an electronic system. If you are a small business, it is easier to manage the voucher approval process manually or by accessing it with the single approver logic through any Voucher approval module. It becomes tricky if you have a business with multiple divisions and multiple levels of authority to approve a single voucher. Such single vouchers can be linked to two divisions and need to have approval from the two division heads in order to get processed. In this Voucher Approval, Workflow to manage the process of H-Office CRM becomes the key.

Advantages of using H-Office CRM Voucher Approval Workflow are:

  • Extensive Processing Flexibility due to multilevel simultaneous and successive approval process.
  • Timely action is ensured due to automated approval process which is integrated with the email system and linked with task lists.
  • Customized system can help you see the system the way you wish to reduce the learning and time utilized.
  • Data Entry and approval process is separated to provide you full control as per your requirement.

H-Office Voucher approval management also helps in managing taking care of pre-approved expenses. There can be various levels in organization or expenses which have fixed amount to be reimbursed and such amount doesnt need approval, it can be processed immediately if the amount is within a certain limit. Most of the companies have the fixed limit and can be processed by just verifying the bills with the voucher submitted. You can keep a close eye on each and every expense done division wise and head wise.

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