Document Management System With the H-Office

Are your client documents secured?Client Documents can be very useful to your sales or support staff many times for your sales or service calls. It completely depends on the company policy to share any particular type of document with particular team or department. The company can share contract and invoicing data with the accounts department, Purchase / Sales order with the purchase or dispatch department, marketing collaterals with the sales and marketing department, etc. There might be many crucial documents which need to be shared only with specific person within the department. This task of managing the document and then assigning to the right department or person can be a tedious task if done manually.

Document management system feature in the H-Office CRM helps many companies to keep repository of all their important documents. It also allows them to share with specific people within the organization. It is highly secured system and it is only viewed with the help of login based access. As a company you can upload all the data and categorize them either department wise or Product wise or task wise. It can be Customer Files, Task Files, Contracts, Product Files, etc. You can add multiple files and folders and share it with the concerned team members. You can upload documents with the Private or Public access permissions.

Dashboard view can help in listing the documents as per nature of documents or with the help of filters like ‘shared with me’, ‘my uploaded documents’, ‘yesterday documents’, etc. You can also fetch download history report and date wise report. It is easy to move, delete or add folder with the help of easy-to-use management module. Search feature can help you find any document uploaded by and shared with you.

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