Do Targeted E-Mail and SMS Campaigning

Are your client documents secured?Communication is most important for any business. Apart from Call follow -ups done by Sales people, the best and effective medium to be in touch with the client has been Email, SMS and Whatsapp marketing. H-Office CRM helps in email and SMS campaigning through the module specially designed for the marketing automation. Campaign management is well integrated with the contact and client database. One can easily be in touch with the clients on a regular basis.

Personalized email and SMS campaign can help in better ROI for your business and it is difficult for any other marketing channel to provide such ROI. Nowadays brands are using various automated channels for their SMS and Email campaigns to be in touch with customers, nurture leads and influence repeat orders.

With H-Office CRM, you can do automatic follow up with the SMS messages and emails, keep the sales agent in the loop and much more. You can import the contacts with their phone numbers and can manage the entire existing contacts. You can run various campaigns through the campaign master to collect the data in the form of Phone Numbers or Email addresses.

H-Office CRM web platform can help you implement sales and marketing activity, organize the campaign and communicate with the clients over multiple channels. SMS and Email campaigning system help in running targeted campaigns to grow the sales. You can create your customized message for the Email or SMS campaign.

With the help of H-Office CRM, you can make real time well informed decisions based on the output of the respective campaign. There are various report formats and it helps in concluding various aspects on the basis of the end customer behavior, their taste and preference.

In order to understand the campaign management in a better way.

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