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Ease of appointment management with H-Office

Help your sales team in being more efficient. Let them invest their time in follow ups and not in unnecessarily struggling with managing appointments manually. Sales team finds it the most difficult task to keep track of each and every appointment. H-Office CRM provides ease to the sales team in managing the appointments. It is well integrated with the Google Calendar to save your time of double entry in multiple systems. Google calendar meeting schedule is auto populated in the appointment management module of H-Office CRM against the specific lead or client.Make your sales team more productive with the help of appointment management system of H-Office CRM. With the help of dynamic category creation, you can easily formulate different rules for different sets of products or departments. The company can easily customize dynamically from the back end system as per their sales policy and process. The entire status label can be customized with one click.

With the ease of navigation, H-Office CRM app provides appointment management to handle time management smoothly. Your sales team members can view the calendar functionalities the way they wish too, they can customize their dashboard and choose the element they wish to see first. They can save a lot of time in searching data all the time and while being on the move this is the best feature to have in any CRM application. The sales person can also check next meetings, another lead or client in the same area, leads as per their last status, etc. This appointment management feature can also drive the effectiveness in the sales person.

Let your sales team be effective and efficient to achieve the best result out of their time invested in the sales activity. To know more about automating your appointment setting process, talk to one of our CRM experts