Effectiveness of GPS Tracking in Sales

Sales is a very important aspect in any business and so is the Sales Person. Tracking your sales employee can have negative impact on his performance and a sense of distrust as well. However it is essential to monitor your sales team so that the performance is not diminishing with time. H-office CRM provides such a tracking feature that the privacy of an employee is maintained and the trust factor too is kept intact.

H-office CRM helps you track real time location of your employee if he or she is on move. It is very easy to configure location tracking timing for e.g. only office hours from the admin panel as per your HR or Organizational policy. It is also important to monitor the sales team performance and time spent on the sales in the field. You can go back to previous dates to check the location log of a resource for a specific date. GPS location well-integrated with the SMS and email system can also push the relevant data to various stake holders either on demand or at regular time intervals defined in the backend system.

As a manager or owner you can allocate new or urgent task to be handled by the resource in the same area while he or she is on the move. You can effectively manage time of your resource and actually optimize his time to drive more sales or maintain relations with the existing account. Multiple resources and multiple locations mapping with task allocation becomes easy for any organization.

With the help of GPS Tracking feature in H-Office CRM application you can easily manage your team and improvise the revenue share of your organization.

Let our experts connect with you to explain the feature in detail. Call or email now to know more about our GPS Tracking solution.

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