Email and SMS Management With Help of H-Office

Communication is the Key for any business whether it is internal or external. H-Office is helping various businesses to automate their communications. Well integrated email and sms gateways help client to automate and smoothen the communications.

Internal communication can be easily managed with the help of H-Office CRM. Management can communicate with the help of SMS and Emails to the team members. Managers can send important notes or messages to the executives via email linked in the CRM for the sales team that is on the move most of the times even SMS messaging can help a lot for quick updates. One can send template based emails or a customized one to the entire team or specific team member in the organization. The email editor is simple like your Gmail email editor with all the tips to custom and highlights your email body. You can mention signature and disclaimer as default template for all your emails. You can add attachments from your machine or even pull the attachment from the H-Office document management system.

You can also compose SMS and sent to the specific member. You can easily check the status of outgoing, pending and sent messages to ensure the delivery of the messages from the H-Office CRM. On the web app you can check the rejected/undelivered sms as well. The complete SMS management system makes the H-Office website application friendly to most of the companies using the same for their communication management.

It is easy to create and save the templates for email and sms for faster communication if it is of recurring or repetitive nature.

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