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Facing Challenges Tracking Service (AMC) Contract

Today most of the service or product based businesses are focused towards achieving primary sales. It is also a fact that many businesses, in order to get the new client on-boarded, miss the importance of touch base with the existing clients or past clients to upsell them the services. There are various businesses with the products or services wherein it becomes important for clients to get enrolled for the AMC contracts. In many businesses the 1st year AMC contract is either included in the product cost or packaged for free. Many businesses find it challenging to track such services or AMC contracts as no such reminder/notifications are a part of various CRMs since it is not part of sales process.

H-Office CRM has the module for AMC contracts wherein it becomes very easy for the companies to set the reminder or align auto reminders for the renewal of the AMC contracts. In the product based business, it usually includes setup and then service. H-Office CRM helps in setting up a reminder for renewal from the backend on the basis of the completion of setup date and the start of the service period. An auto reminder is sent to the account holder and the clients before it is actually expired so that they can process with all the internal process to start the AMC contract engagement.

With H-Office CRM you can easily automate and track all the AMC service contracts of your clients and miss no renewal contract. This will help you to increase your recurring business and achieve better ROI in the business. Such clients are recurring in nature and dont include much sales team effort to close this. A gentle reminder and feedback from the backend team can help in closing the AMC contract deals and upselling some other services or modules of a CRM.

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