How H-Office can help your support staff?

Customer service is as important as sales for your organization. Not many companies think about post sales management i.e. customer support. Every customer who is dealing with you, may expect prompt service at the moment he needs it. Your customer might want to connect with you for product support, product query, warranty, etc. If it is some emergency case, the customer may expect very quick revert on the issue.

As a company you should also focus on helping such clients with immediate response so that they feel more comfortable. This will also help in retaining customers since they will be happy with the service.

H-Office CRM helps you in managing your customer support activities:

Support Call Management

H-office can be a well-integrated system wherein you can manage all the queries by the customers. The entire history of the communication can be logged and can be easily referred in the future for the same customer.

Support Articles

You can have multiple articles on the basis of standard queries asked by the customers. This can help your support staff as a quick reckoner to answer the queries of the customer. The pre-defined set of articles can be made available to the user too before they connect with your support staff. This may help in reducing the load on the support staff.

Support Ticket Generation

Customer can either get connected via call or chat or just can generate a ticket for his/her query if it is not very urgent in nature. The back end support team can resolve each and every query on the basis of the queue or urgency. Each ticket gets closed once the query is resolved and the client is satisfied.

Get hooked up with H-Office CRM staff to know more about the features and benefits.

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