Manage International Business with H-Office

Are you a Global Business? Are you managing clients in multiple International Locations and in multiple currencies? If the answer to all these questions is yes, you should be managing everything with the easy-to-use CRM platform. You may have clients in multiple locations like USA, UAE, UK, etc with different sets of currencies like Dollars, Dirham, Pound respectively to do all your calculations. It is obvious that being Indian venture your base currency remains Indian Rupees. H-Office CRM manages all the calculations and conversions to showcase the exact price for your next quotations.

H-Office CRM can help you in managing multiple companies at different locations and can easily handle multiple bank accounts with different currencies. Currency mapping is handled on the basis of locations and then entire calculation is done at the backend to showcase the final value in the desired currency. Managing Sales or Purchase transactions has become easy now with H-Office CRM. If you have multiple business units, and you are buying products from various locations and selling to other multiple locations in a single order, things can be very difficult as well. H-Office CRM can manage such critical and difficult tasks too through the automated back end system.

You can easily manage your international business deals as per the Customer wise and Employee wise reporting. It can be mapped with respective time zones and can be viewed as per their time zone. Every task done by the employee mapped with the time zone can be logged in the same respective time stamp. So while sending quotations, emails, reminders, calendar requests etc., the employee will not have to manually change the time zone for respective countries.

To give your sales team a comfortable International lead management platform to manage all kinds of entries and transactions, call us on +91 9327058088

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