Manage Multiple Branches and Warehousing

If you are an ecommerce company and facing difficulty to manage your multiple branches and warehouses, it is time to find out the best suitable solution for your need. It is challenging to add a new branch due to complexity in a few businesses.

H-office helps you to create a Group Company and add Subsidiary companies and branches under the same without adding any complexity to your task.

Centrally controlled

You may have multiple branches or warehouses at various destinations. H-Office CRM helps you with better control that seems like managing for single location. You can also check inventory levels for all the branches and warehouses with just one click. No matter if the system is used from various locations but that can be easily managed through the central location. You can also create purchase orders, invoices, and sales orders from central location for all the warehouses.

In-depth analysis

You are much more equipped with various types of reports so that you can do analysis and be prepared for the next steps. H-Office can help you get data types for your further analysis and actions in business. You can generate Customized reports on the basis of your requirement. You can also decide to pull the reports for your different business decisions.

H-Office CRM is a complete composite solution for your business irrespective of your size and industry. You can gain more depth understanding over the CRM solution with the help of subject matter experts who have helped in taking the solution to this level.

It is the best time to try H-Office warehouse management module today only to ease your task management.It can be also accessed from multiple locations to provide seamless acknowledgment of the workflow. Call us to know more about this H-Office CRM module.

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