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Manage Multiple Currencies and Time Zone

You might have come across various challenges while managing multiple currencies and Time zones across your divisions or multiple offices. It also becomes equally difficult in case you have one office but your clients are scattered at multiple locations in different time zones. In many companies, normally the corporate office drives all the activities in one time zone but deals with other time zones too for the activities to be done by others, like the backend team in some other country, and clients in other countries, etc. It becomes easy to manage such complex activities of multiple currencies and time zones with the help of H-Office CRM.

Currency Mapping

Transaction Wise

It can be either recording the transactions of purchase or sale due to the nature of business. Manufacturing companies can purchase raw materials and once it is processed through the factory and converted to finished goods, it can be recorded as sales entry post the confirmation.

Currency wise

Purchase or sales can be managed in multi-currency. It is possible that multiple raw materials can come from different country for same product. It becomes very complex to calculate but it becomes very easy with H-Office Multi currency mapping module.

Time zone mapping

Customer wise

Your customers can be across the globe if your product fits their requirement. Follow-up with such clients becomes easy with H-Office CRM wherein entry can be done as per different time zones according to client location.

Employee wise

You can also have different office locations and 2 people from different locations can communicate with the client in third location. The H-Office CRM auto calculates and manages the time zone.

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