Manage your Email Account from H-Office CRM

Managing multiple email accounts on various email clients can kill your time and productivity. The similar story can be true for your sales team as well. It is not just about handling the email account but also regarding having all the emails at one place and structuring your email account in a right way.

H-Office CRM helps you to link various IMAP mail accounts which are an advanced protocol for receiving email. Once the email account is configured, you can view all your emails in the H-Office CRM. Email from the prospect can be integrated in the H-Office CRM as a Contact and to next step can be treated as a lead for your business. You can also create Lead, Support Request and task from the email platform on the CRM.

H-Office CRM is well integrated with the email account and it can easily pull any document from the CRM documents section to upload in the email like an attachment. You can attach Quotation, Sales Order, delivery challan, sales invoice, purchase order, etc form the email account linked to the CRM. It is easier than ever. You can create multiple folders as per lead status or client type or leads per product type, etc. on the basis of your requirement. This helps in tracing all the emails with ease.

You can prioritize view of all the emails on the platform. You can easily check all the emails in the hierarchy that you can define from the system. It becomes easy to monitor and access emails. It can save your time and effort to have multiple logins to check emails. You can integrate multiple emails and easily shuffle between 2 email accounts from the H-Office CRM system.

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