Marketing Campaign Management with H-Office

Are you really worried about managing your next marketing campaign?

Marketing Campaign management may be a tedious task to handle especially if it is multi-channel and service inter-linked. In order to reach your customers you may try various methods of marketing campaign like SMS Campaign, Email Campaign, Whatsapp Campaign, Voting Polling Campaign, Feedback campaign etc. The campaigns can be targeted to the group of people or in bulk to entire database.


It becomes very difficult to send the BULK SMS and then keep track of responses of each and every SMS from the respondent. H-Office has built in BULK SMS management module to help you track all your communications, understand the delivery status, etc.


Collection of Email address to create a marketing database is an extremely common phenomenon in the business today. It is though also important to be in touch with these contacts regularly via any mode, sending email remains the most preferred method since it is a very professional way to manage.


Most of the companies dont rest just by sending SMS or Email campaigns but they have very strong follow up mechanism as well with the help of their call centre setup. Tele Marketing executives are always heads up with call follow ups post any such campaigns. The entire process of telemarketing right from Contact Management, Lead Nurturing, and Follow up status till Deal Closure is managed through this automation.

H-office CRM helps in automation of entire process and very well manages each and every type of campaign for your marketing team. As a company, once you setup H-office CRM with the campaign management module you just have to take care of your sales numbers and rest everything is taken care of by the H-Office CRM.

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