Project Management with H-Office CRM

You should not believe that CRM is only to manage the lead. You can also manage your project with the help of H-Office CRM. It is too easy to be a part of the entire process of project management to keep your clients updated. The Project manager can create a project and assign to the concerned team members; even if you are in sales, you can still be a part of the process so that you are aware of the status on regular basis. You can also assign access to the client so that they can monitor the project on a regular basis.

Profile Management

Every individual can edit and update profile. They can also upload the pic under the profile section.

Create project

You can easily create a project, add description, upload project related documents, and can easily share the project with the client representative. Creating a project is very easy and managing the same with the help of the web based application is easy as well.

Switch Project

Every resource can check the project specific documents, tasks, and flows. He can change or switch between 2 projects if working on multiple projects.


Every resource has dashboard to view current status of all the projects on which he is working on parallel. You can see the list of projects assigned to you by the project manager.

H-Office CRM Project management can help you to be well organized and provide you all the ease to manage the project. CRM should not be just to ensure client onboarding but also to deliver them the project on time and retain the quality. H-Office CRM has more such features to manage your business seamlessly and run the same profitably. If you want to know more about various other features as well, call us at +91 9327058088

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