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Inventory management is the toughest task to handle as you will have to maintain your minimum stock keeping in mind the historical data of your sales. You cannot afford to have the status of Out of Stock for your shoppers. If you are in eCommerce business and selling the products online, you have to be very careful with the inventory flow. So it is better to ensure that you have adequate amount of inventory to keep your customers happy. You should have your Inventory linked with your CRM to have the Inventory numbers readily available. Once the product is available for dispatch, it should be shown in the inventory and once the product is sold, it should be removed from the available stock numbers.

There are various ways to manage the inventory with the automated system of H-Office CRM. In a large manufacturing facility, inventory can also be managed with the help of technological integration of unique Barcodes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, Quick Response Code (QR Code) etc. Using these technologies also helps in scanning the product for calculating inwards and outward from the inventory to provide real time numbers. H-Office helps in automation and optimization of such a complex process in todays most competitive and challenging environment.

Real time inventory management is very crucial for Customer satisfaction since it provides actual status of the order as well. Many eCommerce portals use this real time inventory for the sales advantage as well by displaying inventory number of products likeOnly three items leftin the inventory, they use it to prompt the customer to buy.

If you are still not using real time inventory management tool or software, you are already late to consider. Its time to go ahead with the same. To know more in detail about the H-Office CRM feature, please get in touch with us now

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