Track the Reasons of Lost Leads to Revive

Every salesperson aims at closing all the leads to improvise his performance. In reality, a hot lead goes warm and after some time it mostly becomes a cold lead absolutely for no reason. No matter how best your sales person tries to close the lead but all of a sudden it may be complete silence from the other side.

With the new leads coming almost daily, the salesperson tends to forget the past follow-ups especially all the lost leads. H-Office CRM can keep track of the entire disposition to keep you updated periodically about the status of the leads. It is no harm to say hello to the leads to update them about the new service addition or up-selling any services, sharing some recent case studies, sharing client testimonial appraising your team efforts, etc. to maintain the conversation.

H-Office CRM allows the salesperson to keep track of all dispositions with the remarks so that it can be easily filtered with the exact reason of lost leads. CRM can help you customize the template of e-mailer and send across to all such leads in one go.

You can also touch base with the lost leads:

  • Be in touch with the lead even if he has not hired you for services. Be Helpful to your lead
  • Keep relevancy in your emailers and dont sound too aggressive with your pitch
  • Be honest with your leads and share more readable content about their Industry

Constant Communication with the leads can help you keep them engaged in some or the other way. If the lead gets the comfort, it can be converted easily in terms of sales rather pushing it too much. H-Office takes care of your complete communication process and helps you convert these leads which are usually lost and salesperson never does Touch base after some time. Get in touch with us to know more at +91 9327058088

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