Various Ways to Set up Reminder In H-Office

Setting up a reminder as per your requirement is essential. There are multiple parameters to set up your reminder system in H-Office CRM system. The nature of reminder for various tasks may differ on the basis of the nature of the task and its urgency. The reminder can be of one-time or recurring nature. Recurring nature of tasks may have reminders setup done at regular intervals. You can also set up the reminder for one time activities.

H-Office provides flexibility to set up reminders on an hourly basis and daily basis. You can easily set up, monitor and track each activity on the basis of time i.e. either it can be hourly or daily. This can help you get organized easily for all the smaller tasks which may be independent or dependent tasks.

H-Office team also understands the importance of reminders for the tasks which are not so immediate and almost everyone tends to forget. H-Office Reminder system can help in aligning the reminder for the task which is a month, quarter or year away from the current date. With this feature, you really dont have to worry about the reminder of the important tasks of the business meeting, follow-ups, contracts, collections, etc.

It is just not about reminding or setting up but also about seeing reports in different types. You can also setup up and check reports of such reminders systems date or week wise even in case of monthly reminder reports. It can either show reports date wise in a respective month or can just have week wise report for 4 weeks in a month. It depends on the way you decide it to capture and view.

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