Why Mapping CRM to Sales Professional is Essentia

H-Office CRM helps in easy management of leads for sales professionals. CRM makes life of a sales professional easy as compared to managing the leads on spreadsheets or manually on diary. A sales representative can see the exact status of the lead and customers with the help of the H-Office CRM mapping. Your sales representative can be more productive while being on the move by having everything on the tip of your finger. Your sales team can:

Plan Appointments Better

Your sales representative can plan the appointments in a better way with the help of CRM. With limitations of time and team members, it is always better to have planned approach to maximize the benefits. It is said that 60% time is spent on non-sales activities by a sales person. H-Office CRM mapping can help in a better way to plan the appointments.


H-Office CRM can be easily customized as per the client requirement. Since it is open source it becomes easy as well as cost effective.

Spontaneous Time Management

The sales person while being on the move can make optimized decisions. With fully integrated CRM solution, the sales person can check types of leads, leads on the basis of priority, as per travel location to make the optimum use of the time. Your sales person can try to Touchbase with the other leads around the same area if the planned meeting is canceled at the last moment or completed early.

Touch-base Old Leads

Your sales person can view and connect with all the old leads on the basis of the last connected date or other dispositions. The sales person can also plan a follow up or meeting with the cold leads.

H-Office specializes in helping companies in various industries to keep their customer data in place. To know more about the CRM features and its benefits to your organization, you can contact us on +91 9327058088

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