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Why Open Source CRM System?

CRM helps in maintaining best relationship with the customer. CRM system helps developing relationships stronger with the customers. No matter the size of the company, it can be benefitted in many ways with the help of CRM systems. Many times companies dont prefer CRM due to its high set-up cost and then recurring maintenance cost. H-Office CRM, cloud based application can help to stay away from the huge cost of set-up and maintenance. Big deal!
Therese no doubt that using a rightly implemented CRM can produce great ROI (Return on Investment) and add real value to your business but that’s not it, you can get lot more value out of extending the capabilities of your CRM software.

H-Office CRM is designed in open source technology keeping cost effectiveness in mind for the clients. H-Office cloud based CRM has helped various companies in many ways. A few advantages of CRM systems are:

Cost Efficient

Open source codes are available for free but it is designed as per the industry needs and hence the cost is involved in the same. H-Office has kept the factor of being reasonably cost effective so that the clients can easily afford it.


H-Office CRM can be easily customized as per the client requirement. Since it is open source it becomes easy as well as cost effective.

Easy Management

It is easy to manage and it can be easily installed at multiple systems at no separate cost. It is usually cloud hosted online CRM which is very easy to manage.


Since H-Office CRM is cloud hosted, it is easy to provide updates in the software to the existing and new users. Adding new features becomes easy and CRM keeps on improving with new updates.

Above mentioned are some of the advantages of H-Office CRM which can be very useful in your business. Many businesses have already preferred H-Office CRM for their sales and marketing automation purpose. Open source is trending today and it is highly secure as well. Connect with our sales representative by calling today on +91 9327058088