Why you need a Saas CRM?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is also referred as a cloud based or on-demand practice for any business. SaaS products have been around 2 decades in the industry but the popularity has recently increased and people prefer SaaS based applications over standalone applications or software. It also helps in saving lot of cost of IT Infrastructure. Businesses still have various questions regarding the use of SaaS based CRM. SaaS based H-Office CRM is used by medium and small businesses to leverage cost effectiveness, quick deployment, easy maintenance and other hassle-free benefits.

Benefits of SaaS CRM

1. Cost Benefit

Pay-as-you-go model helps in saving a lot of upfront cost and you pay as you use the CRM for your business. Most of the companies treat it as an operating cost rather than considering as an investment.

2. Less Technology dependency

You dont need to be technological geek to use the SaaS based CRM for your business. Complete virtual system helps you save maintenance and backup effort.

3. Quick Integration

You can easily integrate with other third party applications to automate your business processes with the help of H-Office CRM. E.g. Integration with the Email Clients, Tally System, etc.

4. Easy Scalability

H-Office CRM can be easily scaled as your organization grows. You can increase the number of CRM users with one click and do most of the setup yourself with less or no technical knowledge. It is though better to talk before increasing or decreasing the number of users because you may get some best package offers.

5. High Security

H-Office CRM is a highly secured system that cares for your data security. Automatic backups, multi layered backups, etc ensure high level of security for all the client data.

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