Why you should implement sales & purchase

Every person runs the business for Profit! If you are in business, you should have the numbers at your fingertips. H-Office CRM helps you to keep the Sales and Purchase numbers handy with you, and this will help you in deriving Profit & Loss easily.

You can enter all your sales data like Quotation, Orders and Invoices to keep complete track of your teams sales activities and numbers. If you have a manufacturing unit or you need to procure products on the basis of sales projection, these sales numbers can help you in planning well in advance. Sales Analytics module of H-Office CRM can help you generate various reports like Employee-wise Sales Report, Product-wise sales report, Lead to Invoice Report, Quotation Analytics Reports and other such various reports to help you find numbers for relevant business decisions.

As a business, you can keep the complete record of your purchases while being on the move. H-office CRM helps you in maintaining various levels of data around Invoice management, Purchase Order Management, Good Receipt and Debit Note, Inventory Management, etc. Our H-Office CRM helps you use automated features for tracking, notifications, Records Management, etc. Customized reporting structure helps your business in taking timely, well-planned and well-informed decisions. It also has the feature of mapping primary vendors with the product for helping in Quick Ordering. It has various other features like payment schedule, material receipt scheduling, Specific or regular Notifications etc.

If you want to know more about our H-Office CRM sales and purchase management features with an objective of maximizing your profit, you should speak to us today itself without any delay.

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