5 MIS any SME organization should implement

Every business is incomplete without its reports. There are tones of reports a company can generate but there are few which can really create wonders! Here are five important reports which can create great difference:

Time Sheet Report

Time is money for service industries & its important for us to make our 8 working hours fully productive. Every business might have been facing this problem. After some analysis we found out that from 8 working hours of a person only 5 hours were actually the productive hours! which was a big loss for a company. So there should be an end to this problem. What if every employee starts filling their time-sheet daily? Yes, that can be done and with the help of such exercise you can track each and every activity of an individual right on your desktop.

Daily Work Report

Daily work report can be considered as the most basic report of any company. This is an incredible report to track the daily activities of each employee and it also gives a complete view about departmental wise activities in one report. You can have the at a glance view of Sales, Purchase, Marketing, Operations, Support and many more things from a single report with numerics and details. This is the report which creates complete transparency in the organization and we use this report as a point of input for our human resource development program where we work on strength and weaknesses of each team player.

Sales Forecasting Report

Its very important for a company to track the sales so that they can get a road map of what strategy should be made to increase its sales. In every simple sales forecasting report gives a throughout clarity of amount of new sales and business which is going to be generated in next week or in a months time. Whenever we see any down form we react immediately to turn the graph up again! This all can be done only if we have a Sales Forecasting Report in our hand.

Lead Source Analysis Report

Every company at its very starting stage works with a very limited marketing budget and its very important for them to invest in only those marketing campaigns which produces the best returns for them. Lead source analysis report helps in getting all intangible outputs of various campaigns that too categorized! Without it they could have wasted their funds in non performing medias, but with the help of such report everything can be observed specifically.

Support Summary Report

With the help of this report you can track and monitor all of your project progress very easily and can make them deliver in best quality in given time consistently. Its a strong backhand system which gives a complete idea of number of live projects you are working on with the exact progress of every single project to work more faster and efficiently. If you do not posses such report than you can face various problems in your project executions due to lack of information in project monitoring.

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