5 Reasons Why you Should Shift to Cloud CRM

According to Gartner, In 2017 Cloud based CRM accounted to over half of CRM deployment worldwide.

As a business, are you still worried about using Cloud CRM? Here are top 5 reasons to prefer and move to Cloud based CRM:

Ease of Setup

It is the easiest thing to do probably. It doesnt need any installation or configuration on local servers. You just need login details to access your data on secured hosted servers.

Cost Saving

Cloud CRM helps companies in eliminating upfront license fees, installation of hardware, and needs dedicated in-house IT resources. Companies can save huge Upfront and AMC cost. You can enroll to monthly plan to save your cash flow or pay annually to get discount to save some money.


Access is provided on the basis of IP, some business may provide access to sales team who are usually out of office area and for others only on internal static IP. Access can be provided on the basis of role, responsibility, positions, etc.

Data Security & Backup

Most cloud based CRMs are highly secured and the data has multi layered automatic backup feature to safeguard from any kind of data loss. Being a small business owner if you are planning to setup these on your own, you will have to shell out a bomb.

Add- On & Upgradation

Businesses using Cloud CRM get various benefits like knowing the add-ons with new features & functionalities, and benefit with technological Upgradation which is also freely available from the vendors.

If you are still concerned about cloud platform and want to know the concept in detail, just relax! We will take care of everything about educating you and helping you in the entire migration process.

Contact us if you want to Shift to Cloud CRM at your office to improve your organizations operational productivity!

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