H-Office CRM can be well integrated with you

CRM is primarily used for managing leads and sales cycle. H-Office CRM helps Organizations to reach beyond just entering the lead and sales cycle. H-Office CRM accounting module has various functionalities in-built to help manage basic accounting in the CRM itself and then the data can be automatically transferred to the Tally System. This saves a lot of time and duplicacy of entries on multiple channels.

H-Office CRM accounting module can help you in making the entries of all the receipts and payments, sales outstanding, purchase outstanding, etc. You can also have Joint Venture and Contra entry in the similar fashion as you do it in your tally system. Each and every entry is mapped to ease out the tally integration part.

You can easily create and manage multiple beneficiary accounts for the customers, ledger and sub ledger account for the parties, opening utilities, multiple account groups and account ledger master, etc. This will help you pull various types of reports while being on the move without any hassle. You can have party ledger report with just one click. The entire accounting system is designed keeping your Tally Integration in mind to make it easy-to-understand for you. Reports can be pulled for various parameters to get your further analysis done and to manage the cash flow.

There are various features which are additional apart from your current tally system that can help you not only in automating the process further but also save a lot of time and money. WHY to wait more to get your access to the most dynamic accounting system which can easily become a supplement to your current tally system and still can provide various other reports?

Let us connect today itself to get benefited by the best features of the H-Office CRM accounting module.

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