How H-Office CRM can help you manage voucher

Companies operating traditionally have faced various challenges while managing their sales team and team expenses like Voucher Payments. Similarly, Sales teams have always struggled to get their claims on time due to various reasons.

H-Officer CRM Voucher Management module has helped many companies in various Industries to automate this voucher management process. With the help of H-Office CRM you can create Expense Vouchers at user level and set up the maximum expense limit as per their role and designation. You can also set expense limit expense type wise, employee wise, activity wise, client or lead wise, etc. This can also further help you in conducting various types of analysis like Lead Acquisition Cost, Client Maintenance Cost, etc.

H-Office CRM Voucher management module can be customized and rules can be defined from the easy to use admin panel. You can easily change few things accessing your admin panel and save the hassle of customizing for every small thing. Voucher approval process can be well defined from the system and can change the voucher approving authority Department wise, Team Wise or Individual wise.

Your employee can create the voucher while being on the move and it can be automatically sent for approval to his or her manager. The manager can either approve the voucher if convinced and process it further or raise a query for further clarification from the employee. These vouchers can be saved in the PDF format and printed to keep in the file record as well. As an Organization, You can anytime pull summary report of vouchers and understand the expenses as per the expense type, client, lead, etc. These reports can help you in taking various business calls and optimizing your sales budget.

H-Office CRM Voucher has more such benefits, Call us at +91 9327058088 so that we can plan and meet to discuss it further.

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