How H-Office CRM is Helping in Prospect Data

A prospect is like an unsure contact for your business but it is still very important and hence it is not yet the dropped one. It is important to have regular and proper follow ups with the prospect to take it to the next level. In sales, it takes time to convince your sales representative to enter their prospects in the CRM database. They usually shy away from doing the same for the reason of privacy and fear of data getting shared with others in the team. H-Office is very well aware of this aspect and has already taken care of the same by adding prospect data privacy to the employee level itself.

H-Office CRM is well equipped with all the standard features of any contact database management. It also has several features that are not available in many of me-too CRMs. A few important features are as follows:

Follow up management

H-Office CRM has a mobile app extension for the follow up feature so that sales person should not miss any follow up. Even if the sales person is on move or busy with his schedules still he gets reminder for the follow up.

DND management

It is the most difficult task to remember irate prospects and especially to keep track of a person who has asked to put them under DND. H-Office CRM has the feature wherein DND management is automated.

Data Import tools

Manually entering data in the CRM is a tedious task. H-Office CRM has option of important data with the help of Data Import tools so that it can be in sync with the other data of prospects.

Rigorous and cautious steps of follow ups can easily convert your prospect in the long term relations which are then converted into business. Connect with us to know more

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