How H-Office Mobile Apps can Boost Sales Performa

CRM can be helpful in many ways right from having central data, consolidating the lead, status of a lead, etc. A CRM with various such modules can boost your sales numbers if you use it to the fullest. H-Office Mobile app for your sales team is the subset of the web based H-Office CRM which has all the modules. Mobile app can be helpful when your sales team is on the move for sales meetings. H-Office CRM has complete Lead Management module in the mobile app.

Your sales person can keep track of all the leads as per the current lead status. He can view his performance on the dashboard in terms of numbers and clientele. The sales person can actually have 360 view of any contact and utilize his travel time or time between any of the two meetings to follow up with the warm leads as well. H-Office reminder and alert system keep the sales person on the toes for all sorts of follow-ups till the contract is signed.

H-Office CRM helps your sales person to have all the relevant data on the click. It also helps them update the real time status and important notes for the specific lead. If your sales team is travelling, they can enter the status update and at the same time GPS location can be captured as well. This feature can help companies to know the current status of their sales team so that if anything needs to be planned, it can be done immediately. H-Office CRM Mobile app with all the important lead data can be very helpful for a sales person to plan on the move.

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