How Lead Source Analysis Report Leads You

In business, you need to really have focused approach towards marketing and sales. It is so essential that you have a proper tracking mechanism for your marketing activities and sales leads.You should track these things almost daily, weekly, and monthly to consolidate these reports to have quarterly reviews. Lead Source analysis report can help you track the number of leads generated through which source and then understand the best result driven out of the same. Most of the CRMs dont help you with the deep insight; H-Office CRM is built with the help of numbers of years of experience to give you the best piece.

Lead Source report is very important to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and sales team

Know Lead source

H-Office CRM helps you to know the source of the leads. You may have the enquiry coming from the website enquiry form, Phone calls, Referrals, Email campaigns, and other campaigns etc. You can easily label your campaigns and tag your lead source through H-Office CRM.

Audit Lead Source

With H-Office CRM, you can keep constant record of source of lead and conversions of the same. Auditing timely will help you identify and optimize the campaign. You can check the source, all activities done for each lead, and number of remarks and communications for respective leads, etc.

Campaign specific Lead

You can easily create campaigns and mark all those leads to each campaign. Alternatively you can keep lead source as single and then internally tag each of the lead as per the campaign. For many companies, conversion ratio differs on the basis of the lead source; it may happen that website leads may be hot leads most of the time and conversion may be higher.

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